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Borderland Soundwalks, Soundings & Sound Ideas

If you are in Tucson on November 4

...or plan to be...

moca tucson

Tear Down This Wall


Back in the day when building walls was unAmerican...

God Awful Border Wall Music


 god awful border wall

In the age of Trump has border wall music become a threat?

An act of sonic terrorism?

An acoustic virus which could infect and subvert the collective consciousness of those who gladly cower behind walls?

I’ve no idea.

But an incident on February 24, 2017 during a routine border wall sounding has got me wondering about such things...

Frida, Lisa & Tony

frida kahlo lisa robertson tony conrad

I know many of you do not live in Tucson.

But a bunch of you do and this is for all of you.

Or perhaps too this is for those of you not here but wishing to be.

It's a beautiful time of year to visit the Sonorous Desert.



Ten Years Sounding The Line

Ten Years Sounding The Line


In May 2006, as America was poised to begin blading the desert borderlands to make way for walls, fences and watch towers, I began playing the Southern Arizona / Northern Sonora militarized zone with a cello bow and implements of mass percussion...


Under Tucson Skies Circling

under tucson skies circling


On January 5, 2016 A Plane Circled The City Of Tucson For Approximately Four Hours Filling The Streets Below With A Continuous Doppler Shift Harmonic Drone Of Eb – E – D – C# – C – B – Bb Depending On Where You Listened...




If an idea resonates with the collective hive, it becomes absorbed and woven into existing cultural belief systems, ethics and moralities...

Live Dream Wall

It is with  glistening gobs of galloping gusto and anthropic aplomb that I am deeply delighted to announce...


mauerkrankheit volume ii : dream wall on an infinite horizon







Soundtrack for a global borderwall pandemic...

Tree Things

Tree Things Happening Now (in theory)


The Pecha Kucha Update

this jar does contain dope


...a stash of weed or the remains of a not so loved one...


tis that time of year again...

everyone is telling you to buy this or buy that.

but not me.  nope.  all i want to do is wish you a swell 2015.

well, sort of...

migrant water bottles

Scoring Snow Drawings

snow drawing

I first encountered Sonja Hinrichsen's snow drawings in an online publication of art, design and visual culture...



It has been 25 years since the Berlin Wall came down...

sonicanta border wall


Become Desert Ex Machina

become desert


Listen closely at this point of bifurcation and you will hear the natural worlds of Mexico and The United States blend into one.

Sound knows no borders. Water is life.

In Motion: Borders and Migrations


Now through September 27 you can hear The Anta Project at the Utah Museum Of Contemporary Arts (UMOCA) where there is a powerful exhibition titled: In Motion: Borders and Migrations...

the anta project


When creating  a new work no matter how much the composer might plan or anticipate the outcomes, if done right there are moments when the composition outshines anything imagined...



And this got me to thinking...

border wall sunset

The Sonorous Desert Project Has Begun


the hut


Tucson is a sonically resonate city surrounded by the Sonoran Desert --- a sonorous desert ---- with a unique and often under-appreciated sound ecology.

Today being World Listening Day, I thought it would be the perfect time to announce that the Sonorous Desert City Project: Suite I-III has been fully funded and is underway...


On the first 100 degree day of May in 2006,

The Anta Project officially got underway...


anta project

Further SWAI Sonic Contamination

Now, you can relive every inglorious audio second of the roughly two-hour immersive Sherman-Weyant Anarchist Implosion inspired by the installation of Peter Young's Capitalist Masterpieces exhibition at MOCA:Tucson on 3/1/13, plus the never before heard !SOUNDCHECK!


!!!ANd it's 100% free!!!


sherman weyant anarchist implosion moca tucson

The Sonorous Desert Phantasmagoric


the sonorous desert phantasmagoric

More than three years in the making, The Sonorous Desert Phantasmagoric, a cumulative cavalcade of deep magnetic field recordings and terminus borderland deconstructionist chimera, has finally been splayed in schematic upon twelve inglorious tracks and is available for a limited time only....

Where We Went From There


Back in September Margaret Randall and I met at the Albuquerque Cultural Conference and recorded a reading of her latest work: Where do we go from here?

This is where it went...





border songs


A bit of light in the darkness.



Unlike a traditional instrument, a border wall can not be brought into a concert hall or a class room or hung in a museum.

To see and play a border wall one must travel to the Militarized Zone, and make a sonic statement beneath the watchful eyes of armed guards.

By its nature a border wall without a border is just a wall...


sasabe 666

A Conversation About H.R. 2578


With so many questions about the passage of H.R. 2578, I thought I should give Congressman Ron Barber's office a call and get the facts for myself.

I was hoping for better...


H.R. 2578

One Day On Earth Sounding


One Day on Earth Open Source Global Documentary Project Badge


At first I was a bit skeptical of what would be accomplished other than a hodgepodge snapshot of things going on around the globe. But as the images began to come in it was remarkable to see people of all shapes and sizes and colors united on one planet without the border constructs we've been programmed to accept....

"The time has come," the Walrus said...


"The time has come," the Walrus said...


Playing While Filming Playing While Filming


Along the Lochiel, Arizona border with Mexico and The United States...


lochiel arizona






glenn weyant


As Arizona prepares to celebrate 100 years of fear and loathing, I find myself increasingly drawn towards incorporating the viola into my work with the borderlands and pondering the merits of practicing decomposition...

School of Music At The University of Arizona Sounding

The Ear of the Rabbit...


School of Music At The University of Arizona Sounding

Disco Day Of The Dead Sounding


For a couple of years now I've been fortunate to attend and perform at the annual

Disco Day Of The Dead party in the Tucson foothills...



Five years ago this past May, at the precise moment I attached a contact microphone to The Nogales Wall for the first time, I’d no idea what would happen next.

Would I be arrested?

 Would I be fined?

Would I be shot?

This was 2006 after all...

wall or instrument

Two Sun Syndrone


An expansive acoustic Sonoran-style drone built from p iano, viola, pump organ and bells....



The Monsoon Is Done But The Rains Still Come


During most of the notable monsoon storms, sonicanta.com was there, braving the swirling tempests with recorder in hand...


july 26 2011


Where In The World Are You?

The World Is Listening....

sonicanta site stats august

Playing With Rain

A new sounding posted from the 8/18/11 monsoon. 

Water is in the air....


tucson monsoon august 2011

Sonoran Sound Works Series Launched

~Sonoran Sound Works Series Launched ~

sonoran sound series

Nogales Wall On The Silver Screen


 For all those of you who have never been to Tucson, or only know Arizona for the constant message of fear and loathing put out by a handful of sun-fried lunatics, Flor De Muertos should provide a new perspective about what is really going on here in the Sonoran borderlands...


flor de muertos

sonoran undersea structures

hear it hear


"It's good music to dream on, especially with headphones..."

DaveX - Sounds Like Radio (WSIU)

An Oblique Session

Arizona burning...


Looking at sonicanta.com stats for search terms that bring people to the site, noticed a rythm of sorts...

Kestrel 920 On The Moon

Spring Circus is a FUNdraiser for Procession of Little Angels, the childrens version of the All Souls Parade put on by Many Mouths One Stomach.

It's a great local cause and fun for the whole family with New-Tang Acrobats, Orbital Evolution, The Wonderfools, Gumbo Wobbly and Friends, Cub Club Samba, and recycled art and paper flower making.

During the dinner hour we'll be breaking out The Kestrel 920 and opening it up for improvisation by anyone interested.

Hope to see you there.



Hearing The Fall And Rise

The old Nogales Wall is being dismantled and a new Nogales Mega-Wall is taking it's place. A final sounding and some thoughts on walls by a professional wall builder at: http://glennweyant.com/2011/04/22/the-last-old-nogales-wall-sounding.aspx


New Instrument Workshops

Since childhood I've been making music /sculpting sound / composing works with repurposed objects such as bike parts and bungee chords and lately I've thought it would be interesting to pass on the knowledge I'd gained in those areas.

So a few years back I proposed a series of bike-centric instrument workshops at BICAS in Tucson. Later this month the idea will become a reality.

The series will run every Saturday from April 30th through May 28th and conclude with a public performance. Everyone who attends will get to keep their instruments, mallets, wind instruments and other goodies. All for the low price of $20.

To register contact BICAS directly because classes are limited and filling up.

Hope to see you there.




Howdy folks,

After much internal debate I've decided it was time to leave Facebook behind and once again embrace the traditional communication channels of yore.

Namely: website, blog, email, phone, texting, letters, conversations, smoke signals, hand gestures and sonic vibration to name but a few.

Will I continue to exist now that I've abandoned the Facebook collective?

Will SonicAnta suddenly plunge into the abyss of Nevermore?

The good people at Facebook seem to think the future is bleak without them, but I'm not so sure they have my best interests at heart.

But I guess now I'll find out.


Endless Cycle


Unreal Anta Plus Plus



Odyssey Anta

This a clip posted by Odyssey Storytelling in Tucson. Be sure to check out their site. Many, many wonderful videos/ stories and more. Or better yet, if you're in town, one of their monthly shows...


Cycle-centric Cycle-delica


The Future Looks Bright

After an Anta Project presentation at a local school, a letter from the middle/high school students who attended makes the future shine a little bit brighter...



Nogales Wall Drone

The SOUNDS LINK will continue to offer exclusive SonicAnta content but here are two tracks for the listening/downloading which were recently released on an alternate site.

a klangfarbenmelodie deconstruction


Fear Not...

Thoughts on what went down....



nothing to say...






On November 12, 2010 the U.S. Mexico Border Wall, perhaps the world's most expensive and expansive instrument, was played by approximately 20 people including a class of 16 students from Northern Arizona University....


ON GUARD ON 10-10-10

Tales of filming with Steev, Sonoran wandering, birding momentarily derailed by M-16s

and other things...


Resonance, Bikes And Doggy Doors







Happy World Listening Day




JOHN CAGE - 4'33" (For Border Wall)





For over four year's The Anta Project has been sonically transforming the US/Mexico Border Wall and Sound Ecology through performance.

With this release of John Cage's classic 4'33" as arranged by Glenn Weyant for Nogales Arizona/Sonora Border Wall and International Landscape, the transformation of the wall from a symbol of fear and loathing into an instrument continues.

Cage in his notes on 4'33 stated the work need not be beholden to either a time frame or an instrument. Hence 4'33 in the audio version runs well past 4'33" (See below for download info).

It should be said that this performance began long before it started and continues as we speak.

Creaks, pops and groans are caused as the Nogales Wall is heated by the morning sun and audible to the ear without any amplification or alteration.

Listeners are encouraged to travel to the Nogales Wall to hear it for themselves in real time.

Look for other works in the months and years ahead.





Dear friends,

As you can imagine times are way strange in Arizona these days, and that is really saying something.
But please know a change is coming. The Arizona law known as SB1070 which encourages racial profiling is being attacked on many fronts.
Protests, lawsuits and other actions are uniting people across political, ethnic, economic, state and international lines as never before.
Some people have turned to boycotting Arizona, which is well meaning, but one has to only look at Cuba to see how boycotts often hurt those who are most vulnerable to economic fluctuations.
For example, in Tucson the first people who will loose their jobs as a result of boycotts are likely in the service industry (grounds keepers, maids, busers, waiters, cooks, etc.) and likely to be targets of SB1070.
And of course when there is no work, people leave Arizona in search of economic opportunities elsewhere, which is exactly what the backers of SB1070 want.
So perhaps instead of boycotting Arizona, a visit could be seen as an opportunity to bear witness, protest and only patronize establishments which oppose the new law?
Or perhaps all or part of the money that would be spent on a state visit could be donated instead to a humanitarian organization?
Point is, if you wish to take action in protest of Arizona law SB1070, please remember there is more than one way to skin nopales.
Stay tuned and thanks for listening,



With humble and most sincere apologies to Allen Ginsberg:


GNASH ! – The Abbreviated SB1070 Subtext


saw the worst minds of their degeneration destroyed by SB1070, gluttonous hysterical overly clothed, dragging themselves through the Spanish-named streets at dawn looking for an angry border fix,

Demon-headed tricksters burning for the ancient racism of the starry-eyed scapegoat minority oppression machinery of militarized might,

Who perverted and Tea-bagged and hollow-brained and low-down sat up seething in the Arizona Legislature darkness of hot-aired flatulence floating across the tops of Phoenix contemplating their abominations,

Who bared their brain-less plan before Hell to The Arizona Governor and saw visions of migrating angels staggering through kitchens and upon lawns and on construction sites illuminated,

Who railed against liberal universities with dull eyes hallucinating Alabama and Mississippi by cross light burning sealed behind steel walls,

With the absolute bile of this poem of death they turned their hatred into SB1070, legislation that would be overcome for a thousand years.



Noise Where Prohibited

Some video from the MOCA-Tucson 4/8/2010 installation.  

You can get the sound HERE...

Words And Sound Along The Wall


This past weekend I traveled through the borderlands with Margaret Randall and Barbara Byers, from Nogales to Sasabe, over rolling hills and through numerous check points....


rillito river sounding : new work for plants-water-earth-sky



New Music Haitian Relief

new music haitian relief cover

Had a chance to work with some fantastic musicians and artists to help Haiti.

Good sound. Good cause.

See what you think....

January 17, 2010 - Nineteen composers, improvisers and sound artists from diverse online experimental and contemporary classical communities have teamed up to release a compilation CD targeting all the proceeds to go directly to Food For the Poor's Haitian food relief programs. New Music Haitian Relief will give one hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of these tracks to support a 4 Star Charity, Food For The Poor, which according to Charity Navigator has 96% of their funds going directly to buying food.

Visit sonicanta.bandcamp.com to sample and purchase this charity compilation CD. It's a pay what you wish CD, with a minimum price of $4.99.

Most of these tracks were created specifically for this release and encompass a widely ranging variety of styles.

1. Jay C. Batzner - Near Burning
2. Shane W. Cadman - Prayer
3. J.C. Combs - Navneet Kanchan's Tent at Festive Black Dragon Pond
4. Graculus - mytishchi
5. Jeff Harrington - For Erzulie Dantor
6. Bruce Hamilton - glimm
7. Greg Hooper - Looking Away
8. iriXx : enigmatic x - transmission
9. Alphonse Izzo - Special Green Interlude
10. Johnny and Faith - Love Without Borders
11. Jukka-Pekka Kervinen - Haiti
12. Steve Moshier - Two Sides
13. Paul Muller : For Haiti
14. Lee Noyes - Strength of Woman
15. Mark Phillips/Donna Conaty - Elegy
16. Ben Smith - Improv.Jan.14.2010
17. Robert Stine - Deep Field
18. David Toub - < 10'
19. Glenn Weyant: Work For Prepared Piano and Kestrel

This album is a collection of tracks recorded by members of various internet communities such as improvfriday.ning.com

About Food For The Poor

Food For The Poor, the largest international relief and development organization in the United States, does much more than feed millions of hungry poor in 17 countries of the Caribbean and Latin America. This interdenominational Christian agency provides emergency relief assistance, clean water, medicines, educational materials, homes, support for orphans and the aged, skills training and micro-enterprise development assistance, with more than 96 percent of all donations going directly to programs that help the poor. For more information, please visit www.foodforthepoor.org

According to Charity Navigator, “We are proud to announce that Food For The Poor has earned our eighth consecutive four-star rating for its ability to efficiently manage and grow its finances. Less than 1% of the charities we rate have received at least 8 consecutive 4-star evaluations, indicating that Food For The Poor consistently executes its mission in a fiscally responsible way, and outperforms most other charities in America. This ‘exceptional’ designation from Charity Navigator differentiates Food For The Poor from its peers and demonstrates to the public it is worthy of their trust.”

Rillito River Sounding


Time Does Flit

Some of what went down, up and sideways over the last month or so with sound and vision... www.glennweyant.com


Of Bowing Steel And Saving Lives

the nogales wall before being played with a cello bow

After nearly four years of sonically transforming the border, The Anta Project now has the potential to transform the border physically by helping fund aid for the migrants who need it most via a unique collaboration with No More Deaths / No Mas Muertes.

And we need your help.


But in a nutshell: We want to raise $1,620 to cover the cost of burning 1,000 copies of a double disc, six panel set featuring a remix of The Anta Project (previously available as a DIY CD-R and lo-fidelity mp3 download) and Droneland Security (previously unreleased).

If we can raise $3,000 to finance this project (we are also seeking an additional $1,380 to cover incentives/shipping etc costs), one hundred percent, that's right ONE HUNDRED PERCENT (!), of the profit of these discs will go directly to support No More Deaths/No Mas Muertas.

 We estimate this $3,000 investment can yield a minimum of $16,000 with every penny going to No More Deaths/No Mas Muertas.

And to show our thanks for your support we have all kinds of incentives including copies of the double disc set, t-shirts, border tours, jewelry and even copies of Uncle Vic's legendary No More Deaths camp salsa recipe.

So if you have a moment check out the site and see what you think.

Stay tuned,



No More Deaths



Anta In The Classroom

This week I received an advance copy of Voyager Journeys III, a reading textbook for middle school students.

Opening to a section titled: The Sound of Life, I was honored to find a full page spread discussing The Anta Project.

But what really struck me was how in-depth the book goes in presenting ideas about sound, creation and listening to school age children.

A world where everyone is a musician and all sounds are valid may be closer than we know.


Tucson Sound Ecology Threatened


The Downtown Tucson sound ecology is about to loose a sonic cornerstone.

This sanitization of the sound landscape is part of an overall homogenizing of downtown culture...


Strange Is The New Normal

Border Patrol/ Homeland Security thought they should check me out because I looked like I might be a Russian.

Or so they said...

The full story: www.glennweyant.com


UA Sound Sculpting And Chill Jarring

A lazy Sunday morning. Sky heavy with tattered clouds. Air thick with cicada drone vibrations. Snowbirds and students have fled the summer heat for the cooler climes of places they call home.

In other words, perfect conditions for playing the University of Arizona.

Sound, words and images at: www.glennweyant.com

More? Stay tuned....

mystery sculpture

Three Years And Virtual Insecurity

It has been three years since The Anta Project was first released and already the notion of physical walls and fences on the border have begun to become quaint artifacts.

Sensors and motion detectors have begun to replace physical barriers.

The walls, fences and barriers of our future borders will be unseen, hidden, invisible and virtual.

To honor the dawn of this new age of global insecurity and to celebrate the third anniversary of The Anta Project's release, I give you:

~ Virtual Insecurity: A Borderland Deconstruction~

This immersive sound work is built from field recordings and assorted manipulations of Virtual Walls, Virtual Fences, Virtual Migrants, Virtual Border Patrol, Virtual Militias, Virtual Insects, Virtual Drug Smugglers, Virtual Cowboys, Virtual Indians, Virtual Homeland Security, Virtual Birds, Virtual Planes and Virtual Terrorists.

This recording was a year in the making and is culled from over 20 hours of sound files.

Of course playing some of the $ 6.7 billion virtual fence towers and their assorted support cables with a cello bow and mallets is illegal.

The areas surrounding them are clearly marked with signs warning against trespassing and playing them could certainly lead to all sorts of legal hassles if such were the case.

So caveat emptor :: This virtual work is what it is, nothing more or less.

And that’s the virtual truth.

Thank’s again for your support these past three years.

Stay tuned and listen well,

The World Is Your Instrument
Play It Now
While You Still Can...

A hi-fi version of Virtual Insecurity: A Borderland Deconstruction  is also available as part of the SonicAnta D-Construction Sound Series.


The Antenna Project

The Sonoran Desert is populated by antennas of all sorts radiating sound heard and unheard. This is the first in a series of antenna sound portraits which will explore their Aeolian properties...


Curtains For The Wall

A simple improvisation for a roughly 25 year old memorial, a vestige of the Cold War, designed like a  literal "iron curtain" or perhaps segment of the Berlin Wall located in Himmel Park, Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A.

The memorial was mic'ed, amplified and played with implements of mass percussion.

Nice acoustics and plenty of irony considering that today the Soviet Union is a ghost, many of the countries listed on the memorial are democratic or headed that way, the Berlin Wall has become a souvenir item for tourists and America is building a literal iron curtain of her own along the southern border.

We Are Everywhere

Finally set up a Facebook account this week and discovered two other Glenn Weyants' had already arrived.

One from Florida dressed in a tank-top, the other retired and relaxing shirtless on a lounge chair in Ohio.

Who knew there were so many Glenn Weyants', but more importantly how many can dance upon the head of a pin?

A Google search for other Glenn Weyants' turned up a former mayor involved in political intrigue, an anti-choice blogger outraged by uppity women, a bed and breakfast proprietor ready to serve the tired and hungry, and even a Glenn Weyant who is passionate about wearing men's pantyhose.

Are we all ghosts of paths not taken?

A lost tribe of escaped clones?

And what must we make of each other?

Don't know.

But one thing is for sure, if you're looking for sonic explorations, sound thoughts and miscellaneous ramblings then here's all you need to know:

SonicAnta.com: Sonicanta.com is still the mothership, offering an extensive library of sounds, images, details and other goods.  Watch for site improvements and extras over the coming months.

Facebook: May 7 UPDATE: Something strange went down. Glenn Weyant of Tucson was expunged by the Facebook Gods. Sad but true. One rumor has it the other Glenn Weyant's rose up in protest. Sigh. You can still find Glenn Weyant of Tucson but you'll need to search around.

Twitter:  Need more Sonic depth? Then SonicAnta Tweets are for you.  It's like opening up a big fuzzy cot somewhere between my Id and Ego and settling in.

Blog: THE PLACE for SonicAnta Subtext. If you ever wondered what the men's room drone at Trade Joe's #191 sounded like, then this blog is for you. Rambling sound, word and image adventures.

Video: SonicAnta has a dedicated YouTube Channel where everything is in motion.

SonicBridge:2 ~ RAW Video

 A raw video feed of SonicBridge...

SonicBridge 2: Live Broadcast 3/24

As some of you already know, Sonic Bridge : 2 a sound and image telematic performance linking musicians, poets and visual artists in Chicago, Tucson, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, and Veracruz will be broadcast live on Tuesday 3/24. (See details and times below). I hope you can join us. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Although people have many different opinions about what should be done about the U.S.-Mexico border and U.S. immigration policy, it is probably more generally agreed that ideas, sound, and video should and can travel freely across borders. Hundreds of miles of wall and fence the United States and Mexico, but performers in Chicago, Tucson, Mexico City, Veracruz, and Buenos Aires will be part of a long- distance, "telematic" performance event which will perpendicularly run through the U.S.-Mexico border wall. Artists in all these remote locations will interact with each other in real time via the Internet on Tuesday, March 24, 2009. (8 p.m. CDT / 7 p.m. MDT/6pm PDT / midnight Buenos Aires) Listen to the full mix via internet audio stream from anywhere at http://kamp.arizona.edu Watch the video streams from various locations: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sonicbridge http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sonicbridge-tucson http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sonic-bridge-2---buenos-aires http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sonic-bridge-mÉxico-df At Elastic Sound & Vision Gallery (Chicago): Amanda Gutierrez -- samples Jayve Montgomery -- saxophones & electronics Dan Godston -- trumpet & small instruments Williwaw -- amplified ukulele Ian Hatcher -- gockenspiel Carlos Cumpian -- poetry Noe Cuellar -- translations/text feed ($7 suggested donation, BYOB) At KAMP studio in Tucson, Arizona -- 1570 AM: Glenn Weyant -- Electric Ferris Box/ prepared guitar Steev Hise -- laptop streaming live at http://kamp.arizona.edu/ In Mexico City: Kai Kraatz -- Nordlead Daniel Lara -- FAT BOX Antonio Dominguez -- video In Veracruz: Ernesto Romero -- laptop In Buenos Aires: Buenissimo Collective Valeria Cammano Caamaño Agustin Genoud Leonello Zambon Josefina Zuain Azucena Losana -- video MORE DETAILS: http://www.elasticrevolution.com/ http://kamp.arizona.edu/ http://sonicbridge.blogspot.com/ http://www.sonicanta.com/home.html http://www.myspace.com/buenisssimo http://jayvejohnmontgomery.com/ http://www.donkeyscratch.com http://www.futurevessel.com/noe/ http://www.kaikraatz.com http://www.myspace.com/dangodstonmusic http://www.joshuamanchester.com/ http://detritus.net/steev http://telematicarts.blogspot.com/


Been adding some new features but as a result the site has had a number of glitches. Any problems let me know, should have things running smoothly this week...

The Trader Joe's Drone

Deep drone meditation from the Trader Joe's # 191 men's room at: www.glennweyant.com It's all in the listening....

Anta Tweets

Yep, SonicAnta has entered the newly evolving Twitter-verse. For what it's worth: sound observations and other lurid stuff at: http://twitter.com/sonicanta

But I've Got A Crystal Ball!

Never heard the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show? Now you can. A new Sound Scouting installment posted at www.glennweyant.com Rock on.

One Expensive Instrument

Tucson's last regular source for solid news about immigration and the border, The Arizona Daily Star, reported today that the border wall averaged $3.9 million per mile. Now that is one expensive instrument folks. I wonder what else could have been done with all that money... "The 140 miles of pedestrian fencing put up under the Secure Border Initiative prior to Oct. 31 of last year cost an average of $3.9 million per mile with costs ranging from $400,000 to $15.1 million a mile, a Government Accountability Office report released Thursday found." "That per-mile average is more than the $3 million estimated by the Congressional Budget Office in August 2006 and much more than the $2.2 million estimated by the Senate used during the immigration reform debate that same year." "Even the highest estimate at the time, $3.2 million per mile from U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., ended up being too low. " --- Arizona Daily Star, Brady McCombs 1/30/09

The Ox Lumbers In

Gung Hei Fat Choy. Gentle winter rains have returned to the desert, laying the groundwork for the coming season of wildflowers. As a New Year's gift to you, I've posted a track of rain falling upon a tin porch roof and interacts with other random objects"HERE" This track allows the patterns of the rain to dictate the tempo and tones. As clouds arrive and pass the tones alter accordingly. This track will also appear in an extended work later this year. More can be found at: www.glennweyant.com

El Con Mall Sound Scouting

If an airduct drones in the heart of Tucson's semi-abandoned El Con Mall and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Wonder no more. Sound answers to the questions that vex one's soul in the tawdry hours of dawn await at: www.glennweyant.com Be. Hear. Now.


SonicAnta launched a subtext site today at:www.glennweyant.com More a flog of the mental slog than a traditional blog,www.glennweyant.com will be a repository of unique content and further more ranging beyond the scope of SonicAnta. Plus you will get a chance to weigh-in and help drive this beast forward. Will this lead the way down some new twisty, windy paths? Dunno. But not to worry. SonicAnta will still be the home of the sonically depraved, offering all the usual aural goodies and doodads you've come to expect and deserve. So stay tuned and hope to see you there. And here.


New sounds"HERE."

Birth, Death and The Central Scrutinizer

On Thursday December 11, (fourty-five years to the day that I was first slapped into this existence in Hackensack, New Jersey), I’ll be celebrating my seminal birth milestone by bowing steel in Tucson, Arizona at The Loft Cinema. The 20-minute set will be part of The 6th Annual All Souls International Film Festival which is a two day event exploring death and rebirth via cinema. For this event I'll be working with some new instruments, a short circuiting shortwave radio, and prepared sound samples. Video artist, event coordinator and psychograper extraordinaire Adam Cooper-Teran will be adding his unique vision to the live soundscape with a wall of images and visual delights. If you are not familiar with Adam’s work, I’ll let his images speak for themselves rather than clutter it up with words: "ANTRAL.NET" I’m looking forward to finding out where our visual soundscape collaboration morphs to. Working with Adam is an honor and perhaps best of all for those who will be attending, the audience will be able to take this all in on The Loft’s sprawling vintage movie screen. More details about event can be found at: "THE LOFT" The Gearwire Tapes Recently I was turned on to www.gearwire.com and the work of reporter Gretchen Hasse who I had the pleasure to speak with about The Anta Project last month. Gearwire.com is a fantastic repository of mostly video gear tips, techniques and interviews. The four-part series Gretchen produced on The Anta Project takes a look at the hardware I used to create the work so now there’s really no reason for you not to can get out there and play the world. But perhaps best of all the interview was done via the phone, so I sound a bit like The Central Scrutinizer which is wonderfully appropriate for this new age of Homeland Security. The White Zone is for loading and unloading only indeed. The full series links: 1. http://www.gearwire.com/sony-icdp520-review.html 2. http://www.gearwire.com/dod-fx80b-review.html 3. http://www.gearwire.com/korg-cm100l-review.html 4. http://www.gearwire.com/schaller-oysterpickup-review.html

Back From The Land Above

Chicago bound whirlwind has abated. A wonderful time and much to pass on. Geologically The Chicago Calling Arts Festival was the bedrock. In a burst of three degrees of separation, it appeared everyone has a connection to Dan Godston, the event's key coordinator and meteor trumpeter. Via Dan a gig was put together on the evening of October 8 at The Peter Jones Gallery, a dynamic creative space with random stadium seating. That gig paired myself with legendary Springboard designer Eric Leonardson and concussion percussion extrapolation experimenter Matt Weston. Lumped into that group was a creature called the Artbot run by Michael Erzen which painted images based on our improvised sounds. You can download that set in three parts HERE. Be sure to note the occasional passings of the EL racing by. October 9 brought me to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago for a presentation about The Anta Project with Eric’s class. Afterwards I had a chance to sit in on a session by Eric teaching the finer points of building contact mics. Great stuff and a whole new generation being set free with sounds and instruments of their own design. Over the next two days gears were shifted as The Anta Project took root at Chicago Public Radio’s Third Coast International Audio Festival as an installation. Many conversations and connections via The Anta Project with radio producers from around the globe, informative sessions, free beer and a bit a radio celebrity gawking. Riding the elevator with Noah Adams talking about Stan Freberg, being asked by the Kitchen Sister’s 'So how exactly do you play the border?' and meeting with Jane Feltes of This American Life (Hey, isn't that Ira Glass?) were all highlights. But so too was the open bar on the first night. A great selection of cold beer and appetizers. And just in case you might wonder what a couple hundred radio people in an acoustically twisted room with an open bar sound like: LISTEN HERE. With so many talking, I was only too happy to listen. Now you can too. Stay tuned, Glenn

Rail Against The Machine

A fun article about "THE RAIL" appears in the fall edition of Signal-to-Noise ~ The Quarterly Journal of Improvised, Experimental and Unusual Music. There are also some wonderful articles about Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra and Tra-La-La Memorial Band, the various summer festivals and the D.C. scene unseen in the same issue. So if you get a chance pick up a copy. STN is always an enjoyable read.


Seven Black Angles is a feedback collaboration between myself, Barry Chabala, Matt Sekel and Mike Yarrish, three musicians and sonic experimenters whose work I admire greatly. For this work all participants utilized feedback generated through unique methods to create four separate "seed" tracks which were then remixed, manipulated and edited by each musician to create four separate sonic outcomes. Barry's original track was created with laptop, mic and speakers. Matt's original track was created with processed guitar and effects. Mike's original track was created with no-input feedback and electronic effects amplified. My contribution was generated by an instrument of original design (FeedForward aka: Spokes and Sound) and pump organ. The parameters for this project were as follows: 1. Each musician recorded a feedback "seed" track then made it available to the other participants. 2. Each participant then collected the tracks, manipulated and responded to them. Seven Black Angles is my vision of the final mix. Matt's piece titled: "Feedback4Quartet" and Mike's piece titled: "New Machines Not Safe" can be found HERE. Barry's piece titled: "new, improved lowfat eric" can be found HERE. Thank you, as always, for listening. I hope you enjoy the show.

Sonoran Sound Work #18

Hope you enjoy these visuals for Sonoran Sound Work #18, created with bowed saguaro bones, insects, planes and wind. This segment was recorded on 08-08-08. Stay tuned for further more.

Goose Mystic Mocking Birds

Some of the search terms that drive people to SonicAnta rise from the depths of obtuse connections. Not sure why these connections are made. Imagine winding up here while looking for research on oyster drones. Navras indeed... Goose Mystic Mocking Birds Written by: Electronic Searchers Compiled by: Glenn Weyant crowd station goose mystic lacking thunderlight vegetation metal boundary wall designs nail pedal organ pigeons wall harp mystics mocking bird squid head howling free porn high massed walls austrian redbug oyster drones divine wisdom electric dears scrap designs downloaded sex dungarees desperation pink gorilla masturbation sounds grow india decays in lava summer's heat vintage radios water towers a desert tree unearthed wind harps woodgrain bikes who invited this navras electric fan

A Change In The Weather?

I can't help but wonder if Senator Obama heard King David's Wall calling. ~See the video below for more.~ Now how about a similar speech on the U.S./ Mexico border... From ABC News, July 25: Senator Obama challenged a new generation of Americans and Europeans to tear down walls between estranged allies, races, and faiths in a soaring call for global unity at an unprecedented mass campaign rally overnight. The Democratic White House candidate told tens of thousands of people near the footprint of the old Berlin Wall that humanity faced a perilous turning point, and it was time to build "a world that stands as one." Senator Obama's speech was a clear echo of former US president Ronald Reagan's call to then Soviet leader Mikhael Gorbachev in Berlin in 1987 to "tear down this wall," before the fall of Communism. "People of the world -- look at Berlin, where a wall came down, a continent came together, and history proved that there is no challenge too great for a world that stands as one," he said.

Desert Freedom Music


T.E.F.A.S. Wants YOU!

Tired of baking in the summer heat? Then SonicAnta's got just the cooling relief your fevered mind is craving. Thanks to an unprecedented and historic joint collaboration between SonicAnta and The Two Sun Sin Phony Orgestra, for a limited time you are now invited to join The Tucson Electric Fan Appreciation Society (T.E.F.A.S.) Membership includes a T.E.F.A.S. Certificate of Membership suitable for framing, and a copy of Electric Fan Sound Works, a thirty minute odyssey into white noise and beyond. This recording was created by mic-ing and recording an oscillating Honeywell electric fan with a variety of microphones strategically placed to "play-up" the fan's assorted tones, drones and nuances. Those tracks were then processed and mixed into a single work which best represents an immersive electric fan event. It is the hope of The Tucson Electric Fan Appreciation Society (T.E.F.A.S.) that this recording will open the door to your own personal discoveries, observations and enjoyment of the fans swirling around you everyday. So what are you waiting for? JOIN T.E.F.A.S. TODAY! And as an added incentive, if you order today, an additional mystery disc will be included at no additional charge. So dim the lights, find a cool comfortable place, ideally between two speakers, breathe deep and enjoy the fan. (Note: This recording is also being issued as part of the SonicAnta D-Construction Series. Subscribers to the series receive the disc and automatic acceptance into the T.E.F.A.S. at no extra charge.)

Spoke And Sound: A Preview

A new instrument was born this week. A low rez poor quality clip here for now... http://www.sonicanta.com/music-62.html Stay tuned for further more.

Talking Shit

For those of you who may have missed it, David Byrne of Talking Heads fame has been doing some wonderfully innovative work in challenging perceptions about what is music, noise and/or an instrument. Recently a video of him playing a building in NYC with a modified pump organ was posted on boing-boing and youtube (see below). What I found intriguing, almost more so than the work itself, was the so-called "controversy" about whether it was music or noise. Nothing new in the "you call that art?" argument of course. It's been around since the first cave person banged out a beat on a hollow log. "What you call that music? My cave kid can do that." Then BAM! the clubs came out and another step in our collective de-evolution was underway. Deeply seeing, hearing and being has never been for everyone. That's why Shiva invented ear plugs and blinders. But when someone named pascodedhed emailed me asking: "Why don't you record yourself taking a shit and call that music?" It got me to thinking: "Now there's an eye dear." Mic-ing a bathroom then broadcasting it live into a gallery space (and vice-versa) might have possibility. Of course the installation would have to be done in Flushing Meadows. Anyhow, kudos to David for trying to open some ears. Be sure to check out the video. It's worth the eye time. And who knows, maybe we can figure out a way to bring that organ to the US/Mexico border and install it on the wall some day? Now wouldn't that be something...

Commission Be Indigo Prepared Guitar Vision

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What Is The Sound Of One Foot Clapping?

A Live Concert Review Where: Tucson, Arizona, USA Time: Noon Date: 5/21/08 I'm sitting out back sipping tea in the tree shade for this outdoor show and I've gotta say this is one outstanding performance. Temps are already over 90 and these north-eastern-southern-westerly winds are flowing through in bone shaking gusts. Every wind chime for miles around is clanging in a Mad Hatter spoon-against-the-tea-pot kind of way. But does that deter the mocking birds from their mission of predation and fornication and song? Not at all. In fact they seem to thrive on these winds that could make a musician contemplate taking a screw driver to his or her favorite instrument and mutating it in some desired fashion with hardware store wires and a handful of sound springs. A dust devil at least 300 feet high, or so it seems, swirls into form and lifts trash and dust and dried flowers high to the point of disappearing over neighbors walls and fences. With the natural world in motion the unnatural world abides. The main road traffic sounds transform into oceanic waves, crashing and rumbling. Occasional jet engines strain for control, a symphony of bowed exertions. Hard to say if this is even the first or second set anymore. Seems to be an ongoing affair. A forever concert. Somewhere a cricket in the oleanders applauds. A dog howl follows and the feral neighborhood rooster crows. I want to hold up my lighter but am afraid the whole place will go up in flames. Hopefully someone is taping this. What is the sound of one foot clapping?

OILAL Seen And Heard

In 2006 Phil Hargreaves and I released: FRIDAY MORNING EVERYWHERE. OILAL is a track from that recording. Initially OILAL had been about twenty minutes or so in length after I'd stretched Phil's vocals into the vortex. Eventually we wound up cutting it down to about four minutes, but someday I hope the whole thing will see light of day. OILAL has a strange vibe. Anyway, Phil recently sent over some images from Liverpool, England and I blended them with some footage from Tucson, USA. The result I thought was suitably strange for OILAL. Enjoy.

Two Years And A Wall Piano Later

1. WALL-TUNG DRUM 2. WALL PIANO 3. WALL-WIND HARP 4. WALL-A-PHONE Two years ago this May, The Anta Project was born. I wish I could say I knew the moment I applied my cello bow to the Nogales wall and drew those first raspy drones that a global transformation of the US/Mexico border was underway. But I honestly hadn't a clue. I simply thought it would be an interesting experiment to embark upon. Could a symbol of division be transformed into an instrument whose sound was capable of creating unity and awareness while challenging our ideas about borders and identity? It was a mystery at the time, but today, with listeners from roughly 100 countries having downloaded roughly 100 gigs of sound and images I'm pretty confident it is working. On a personal note, I have been fortunate to meet many wonderful people via The Anta Project who have generously shared their ideas, comments and support. I've also found myself immersed in some rewawrding collaborative endeavors and it has all been very humbling. While I could go on forever, I want to focus on my two year collaboration with Nogales, Sonora artists Alberto Morackis and Guadalupe Serrano from Murales Frontera. We met in Tucson shortly after The Anta Project was released, and Alberto and Guadalupe said they were interested in my ideas about transforming the border into an instrument since they were doing something similar with sculpture. I asked them if they would want to try blending our interests by building an oversized "wall piano" or kalimba which could be affixed directly to the Mexico side of the wall. At the time we first met we also had high aspirations for creating an international arts event on both sides of the border. Alberto, Guadalupe and I discussed the potential economic opportunities an international art event would create for the communities on both sides of the border. We also talked about it being an opportunity to change the incorrect perception that Nogales is a place with little more to offer other than human smuggling, drugs and day tourism. We met with Casa de Cultura in Nogales, Sonora and I presented them with a detailed and perhaps overly ambitious proposal for an event that included music, art, interactive events and performance. Sadly for various reasons, both political and economic, the event did not take place. This year the process was once again put into play and a couple of meetings in Tucson and Nogales yielded more ideas and people interested in participating. At the center of this "event" has been the core idea of building a handful of oversized instruments and attaching them to the Mexico side of the wall, transforming it physically into a sprawling resonator. Whether an event in October takes place or not is still not known. As a guerilla sound artist, I do what I want on my own budget, which is often minimal at best. Because I can work cheaply, grants and other funding sources have never impacted my ability to create or take action. I use whatever materials and tools are available. The world is my instrument and I love working with junk and found objects. And in this freedom I credit The Anta Project's success. However, building a sculpture and launching an event around it which would require funding with many hands in the pie was/is something alien to me. Today I was pleased to learn from Alberto via email that he and Guadalupe have decided to go ahead with my designs (Also a huge design shout-out should go toPadma Sound System sound pioneer Lewis Humphreys/ Yeshe Dorje for his stellar thoughts about building a wall-wind harp). Below and above are links to the sketches so far. As anyone who works with metal knows, prototypes require some trial and error. So I'm sure this will be an organic process. There is work to be done but I think we're off and running. I look forward to see where Alberto and Guadalupe take this next. If you are interested in building similar instruments on the walls where you live, contact me via email and I'll be happy to collaborate/share details. Now further into year three! What will be? Stay tuned and in touch. Glenn 1. WALL-TUNG DRUM 2. WALL PIANO 3. WALL-WIND HARP 4. WALL-A-PHONE

Wind, Ravens and Lava

Time has sped up again in a swirl of passing images, sounds and sensations. Summer's heat is not far away and the desert knows it. Spring winds blow incessantly. Bird's mate, hatch from eggs and commit fratricide all in the name of progress, filling first light with a manic dawn chorus. The new growth from winter rain is drying out, dispersing next generation seeds for the monsoon waters to expand. And in this time I'm floating. The trip north to Flagstaff earlier this month for the RMCLAS conference cleansed the mind and lungs of dust and lethargy. It was wonderful to meet so many good people with fresh ideas and enthusiasm for the transformation and exploration of borders and human dynamics. But there were volcanoes there too. Places where black lava lay in frozen waves near the remains of ancient homes built from mud and stone. To the north, in a solitary place along the rim of the vast crevasse that is the Grand Canyon, a perfect place to lay and listen with closed eyes was discovered. Cool breezes rising up from the depths and mingling with the pines led to a cathartic nap beneath the midday sun. Awakening reborn to the creaking flutters of passing ravens was just the soulful rejuvenation I needed. If all goes according to plan --- And what ever does? --- the coming months may bring some interesting announcements, collaborations and assorted doings. Should be fun. But till then, stay tuned and in touch. Anta Blog My name is Glenn Weyant. I am a self-Googler. Like masturbation or drinking alone, self-Google-ing and discussion of it's merits is often frowned upon in polite society. It'll make you blind. You'll grow horns and hairy palms. And so on. Yet we all do it from time-to-time. And those who claim they don't are often the ones who do it most of all. But I digress as usual. One upside to self-Google-ing is the discovery of new and wonderful sites. Here are a few blogs worth a repeated look. PROVISIONS From time-to-time The Anta Project receives a blog mention. It is always an honor to learn that someone has found value in The Anta Project. Especially from one such as Signal Fire. Signal Fire: A Blog For The Arts of Social Change is the blog of Provisions, a social change learning resource that amplifies compelling voices that challenge and redefine the mainstream. Defiantly favorites-worthy. BORDERLORE BorderLore is the blog of Maribel Alvarez, a University of Arizona professor and social scientist who is also the author of the always informative and occasionally irreverent BorderLore newsletter. I've been fortunate to meet with Maribel a couple of times and she is incredibly supportive and knowledgeable about arts, activism and politics. (Are they really three separate categories?) Be sure to check out her recent entry about the latest comic book release of Migrantes! TUCSON QUERIDO Want to know more about things to do in Arizona from the perspective of someone who is doing them? Then Tucson Querido is worth a visit. As the author notes: "What makes this blog special? It's a great guide to Tucson because it provides "reviews" that have nothing to do with money, advertising or tourism councils. It's written and photographed mostly out of my love and fascination for these places." STARTLING MONIKER I've mentioned It's Too Damn Early, DaveX's weekly experimental radio program originating in Southern Illinois as must-hear. I should have also mentioned Startling Moniker as a must-read resource if you are interested in music, noise, sound and all the permutations. Where else are you going to hear and read about set lists that have the makings of a Bill Burroughs haiku? Eight Frozen Modules, Wondrous Horse. Lexaunculpt Squid, Arcane Fist. D-Construction Series: April Installment ~ The Sea of Cortex For those of you who have subscribed to the Sonicanta D-construction Series, April's installment (The Sea of Cortex) should be in the mail on the 28th. The Sea of Cortex is a selection of works drawn from two year's worth of sonic experiments. Heavily processed ambient tracks are layered beside raw, one-take journeys. Over thirty sound sources (AND NO SYNTHESIZERS!) contributed to these tracks including: The Blu-Blu, Kestrel 920, prepared guitar, piano, steel cans and drums, assorted wires, feedback, radio signals, horns, tapes, bells and a cast of lost and found objects. At this point selections will not be made available as downloads for logistics reasons. But not to fear, with the May installment the download sample tradition should resume in full. The Point Of Power A new Power Point PDF about The Anta Project from RMCLAS has been uploaded. The PDF version lacks the sounds etc. that the Power Point includes, however, it should hopefully give you some idea of the where this has been and where it is headed. 4/08 PPT UPDATE

Does Your Nose Run And Your Feet Smell?

Then you must be built upside down... So the winter rains brought a bounty of wildflowers, but the recent dry winds have been whiping up a toxic stew of dust and pollen that has left me feeling like an extra on the set of Scanners. (Check out the accompanying photo of my boots after a recent hike for pollen details). Sure, one or two good sneezes can be cathartic. But five or six in a row, repeatedly, seems to bring on an interesting form of madness. On the upside, I have been noticing a few musical hallucinations creeping in with each nasal explosion. Of course they may just be a byproduct of having read Oliver Sacks' new book: Musicophilia. Hard to say. Anyway through this fog a few pecked notes: In The Blog The Anta Project had a fun mention on Deputy Dog this week. The desert sonic excursion was juxtaposed by DaveX (professional, licensed raconteur) with Terje Isungset’s wonderful frozen sound work: Iceman Is. All the details can be found at: Deputy-Dog.com. D-Construction Update The first installment of the D-Construction Series has hit the postal by-ways. Everyone who subscribed should be receiving two discs (the scheduled release and a bonus mystery disc) via Priority Mail at their doorstep. Next month's discs and ephemera should be hit the skies on April 29. Flagstaff Bound This Saturday, April 12, if you happen to be in Flagstaff, be sure to stop by and say hello. I'll be at the Rocky Mountain Council for Latin American Studies 2008 Conference where the weekend lineup of presentations looks outstanding. The Anta Project presentation will be part of a Saturday session titled: Borders, Fences, and Immigration Policies. Details are below. Hope to see you there. Borders, Fences, and Immigration Policies Chair: Glenn Weyant (Anta Project) 1. Riley Merline (University of Arizona), “A Century of Border Fence Construction and Community Transformation: Ambos Nogales, 1898-1998” 2. Prescott Vandervoet (University of Arizona), “Los peligros del desierto: víboras, alacranes, y coyotes” 3. Larman C. Wilson (American University, Emeritus), “The Death of the Senate’s 2007 Immigration Reform Bill: A Post Mortem” 4. Glenn Weyant (Anta Project), “A Look at the Transformation and Deconstruction of the United State Border Wall in Nogales, Arizona, Symbolically, Metaphorically and Literally via Art and Educational Narrative”

Sound Subscription Series Launched

Howdy folks, Spring has arrived in the Sonoran Desert once again, buoyed upon shifting waves of crazy Oz-woven wild flower quilts in techni-color cartoon brillance. To celebrate, I've posted three new downloads built with radio signals, a wheezing perfectly-out-of-tune pump organ from roughly 1900, birds, trains, wind, piano and found objects percussed and manipulated for your aural consideration HERE (The March O Ate Constructions). The lo-fidelity clips are culled from extended hi-fidelity tracks featured in this month's installment of the SonicAnta D-Construction Sound Subscription Series. "Great blistering barnacles!" I hear some of you exclaim, spewing smoke and fire from your ears. "What in the name of this great tarnished nation is the SonicAnta D-Construction Sound Subscription Series?" Well, I'm glad you asked.... For a single installment of just $50, subscribers to the SonicAnta D-Construction Sound Series receive 10 audio discs over a twelve month period (roughly one a month, sometimes more) featuring hi-fidelity full-length constructions of the excerpts posted, plus material found nowhere else. That works out to $5 (or less) per disc. But perhaps best of all, these discs will not be offered anywhere else or ever again through the series, making them instantly collectable. But if collectible discs delivered almost monthly to your front door sounds too good to be true, then let me put on my best latex Ron Popeil mask to state: "But wait. There's MORE!" Sure, these discs may not slice, dice or Julian Salad very well, but subscribers will also enjoy occasional random bonus material goodies with each mailing such as additional discs, dvds, paperback books, a semi-regular newsletter (The SonicAnta Trans-Border Flyer), original images and other etcetera and ephemera. So what do you say? Ready to take the plunge and help support independent sound exploration while getting some of the finest sonic ear candy found nowhere else? You are? Well then you better hold on to your eyeballs because... yep you guessed it... THERE'S EVEN MORE! That's right, subscribe today and you will receive as a special thank you, the full, 56 minute March O Ate Construction as your first installment plus a very special mystery bonus disc. Okay so what are you waiting for? You get the discs, the schwag, and the simple joy of getting unexpected stuff in the mail each month. Not to mention that as the dollar continues to plummet your investment in SonicAnta can only grow over time. Subscribe to the SonicAnta D-Construction Series. Till again, stay tuned and listen deep. Glenn

Flowers With Strings Attached

Another installment in the latest video series: Work For Prepared Guitar And Assorted Flowers. Enjoy.

Global Expansion 008 Update

The Ever Expanding List Of Countries And Assorted Entities Tuned In As many of you already know, The Anta Project/SonicAnta is being embraced by listeners globally. From what I can tell, it is mostly a "viral" expansion from one person to the next. Watching this project grow without the shackles of corporate backing and with minimal financial investment has been very gratifying. Thank you for tuning in and spreading the word. The farther this goes the closer we get. Tag: You're IT. From Where People Listen: Algeria Angola Argentina Azerbaijan Australia Austria Belarus Belgium Bolivia Bosnia & Herzegovina Brazil Brunei Darussalam Bulgaria Burkina Faso Canada Czech Republic China Chile Cocos (Keeling) Islands Colombia Costa Rica Cote D'Ivoire Croatia (Hrvatska) Cyprus Denmark Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt Estonia Fiji Finland France Germany Ghana Greece Guatemala Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Iran Ireland Israel Italy Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Korea (South) Kyrgyzstan Kuwait Lao People's Dem. Rep. Latvia Lebanon Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Malaysia Maldives Malta Mexico Micronesia Moldova Montserrat Morocco Netherlands New Zealand (Aotearoa) Nicaragua Niue Norway Pakistan Papua New Guinea Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Romania Russian Federation Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Samoa Saudi Arabia Seychelles Singapore Slovak Republic Slovenia South Africa Spain Sri Lanka Switzerland Sweden Syria Taiwan Togo Tonga Trinidad & Tobago Turkey Turks and Caicos Islands Tuvalu Uganda Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Uruguay Vanuatu Venezuela Viet Nam Yugoslavia Zambia Zimbabwe Also... US Government US Military Old Style Arpanet

Zócalo Cochise Anta

Logan Phillips, poet, artist and Jack-Of-All-Etcetera recently posted a video on YouTube remixing a segment of drone from The Anta Project with "Como Yo Soy Tan Raro" by Vargas Vil and video he and Moisés Regla shot in Mexico City. In Logan's words: "Zócalo Cochise" is a short meditation on twin environments: the thriving city near where (I make my) home, and the deep desert where (I) was born." More of Logan's work can be found at: www.dirtyverbs.com Enjoy.

Transformation Of Perception Revisited

As most of you know, I was fortunate to perform a work on the Kestrel 920 during a lecture event at The Arizona Senior Academy, nestled in the foothills of Rincon Mountains east of the city. DOWNLOAD SOLO TRACK. The show, part of the Chamber Music PLUS Arizona Cultural Forum series, had a turnout which included a diverse group of people with a life-long passion for sound and music. Following the sound sculpture and a brief question and answer period, I encouraged the audience to come up and give the Kestrel 920 a try. Which they did. Enthusiastically. Much too often life and art is compartmentalized. This is for the young. This is for the old. This is for those who are neither of the above. And so on. And so forth. And etc. And blather. But at the ASA gig I was honored to see everyone's enthusiasm and interest in sound/music/instruments transcend that artificial barrier. Post gig I think I may have enjoyed the subsequent conversations with the audience about as much as the opportunity to create a sound sculpture. There was also a fun opportunity to do a duet with Steven Romaniello on Theremin and see how the two instruments meshed without a net. DOWNLOAD DUO TRACK. Much thanks to Harry Clark and James Reel of Chamber Music PLUS Southwest for pulling this all together and including the Kestrel 920 in their vision of transformation. Something is going on indeed...

A Two Sun High Collonic

Okay so now that the New Jersey (Yes, New Jersey NOT New York dammit!) Giants have won the Super Duper Bowl and the last presidential wannabes are strutting and preening and coiffing for your vote on Super Special Happy Tuesday, perhaps a sonic high colonic of the central nervous system is in order? If so... then the Chamber Music PLUS Arizona Cultural Forum 2008 has just what you need this weekend (see below) to blow out the pipes. There will be a slew of fascinating events, but in the myopic world of sonicanta I'm pleased to be building a Kestrel 920 sound sculpture on Friday and am looking forward to an improvised duet with Steven Romaniello on Theremin later the same day. A limited 10 disc cd-r run will also be available for sale during the show, featuring some of my stranger sound journeys culled from a variety of sources and instruments of mass percussion built but not released in the year that was. All sales will go to benefit Chamber Music PLUS. That is all for now. Till then, be there or be square, stay tuned and in touch. Shalom. Glenn

Double-Oh-Eight Now

With Double-Oh-Seven safely tucked away and filed under unexpected successfully experienced, Double-Oh-Eight now steps from the starting gate, simultaneously slinking and strutting with new possibility. Glancing backwards, in Double-Oh-Seven SonicAnta was fortunate to travel to universities, become embedded in The South, and be covered in web, video, radio and print media. If everything goes according to what's unplanned, in addition to the usual slew of free downloads slated for release, a new disc should be birthed this spring, along with at least two large scale performance possibilities, plus further installments of the EXTRACTED EARTH: A Sonic Work Without Listeners limited edition box set. On the immediate radar, I'm honored to have been asked to sculpt some sound with the Kestrel 920 on Feb. 8 at The 4th Annual Arizona Cultural Forum 2008, presented by Chamber Music PLUS SW (Arizona Senior Academy, 13701 East Old Spanish Trail,10 am – 12:15 pm, Free and Open to the Public). The event will include a work for Theremin and joint improvisation for Theremin and Kestrel 920. There will also be a talk titled: Amplification and the Human Ear by Daniel R. Boone, Ph.D. which will take a look at the ear and the physiology of how we hear. Before signing off, I'd like to thank everyone who has helped share/pass along The Anta Project/ SonicAnta.com to listeners in over 100 countries, promoting discussions about sound, borders and our universal global human condition as migrants. Because of you, hundreds of discs and nearly 80 gigs of sound have been given away since the site went live in 2006. The opportunity to share these downloads and ideas is an honor for which I am extremely grateful. Below is a short list of links (in no particular order, hopefully all working, and apologies in advance to anyone omitted), to some of the people whose thoughts and visions were influential in helping make Double-Oh-Seven what it was for The Anta Project/ SonicAnta.com and which I think you'll find worth exploring further. So stay tuned, in touch, have a great year and as always thank you for your support. Glenn ______________________________________________________________ 1. http://home.mchsi.com/~itde/ - A bastion of sonic adventure subverting the heartland. 2. www.theartgalleryofknoxville.com/ - Every town should have one. 3. http://asthmatickitty.com/music.php?releaseID=82 - One of my favorite discs in 007. 4. www.signaltonoisemagazine.org - THE source for experimental and improvised music. 5. http://maaheli.ee/ - Inspiring sonic ideas elaborately woven and deeply ingrained. 6. www.ronsen.org/monkminkpinkpunk/ - A must read Web zine. 7. www.antral.net - Subtly beautiful images in transition. 8. www.deeplistening.org/pauline/ - This IS what Deep Listening is all about. 9. www.myspace.com/mittimus2 - Connecticut Gods of Thunder, Light and Driftwood Bass. 10. www.subtopia.blogspot.com/ - The blog of life during wartime. 11. www.dyslexistential.blogspot.com/ - What is the sound of an aural cyclist writing? 12. www.indiancountry.com/content.cfm?id=1096412953 - The film by Carlos DeMenezes no one wants you to see. 13. www.tucsonunderground.com/ - A Cia Romano joint documenting Tucson as no other site does or can. 14. www.csw.utk.edu/about/stimulus/enhanced/2007_fall/youthinitiatives.html - A roundup of the Knoxille, TN installation. 15. www.cmpsouthwest.org/ - Innovative and contemporary programming melding multiple art forms north of the border. 16. www.kuat.org/misenplace.cfm?ID=865 - Much thanks to Soo Lee for her coverage of SonicAnta/The Kestrel 920 and Tucson arts. 17. http://kuat.org/ondemand/listen/azspotlight.cfm - Arizona Spotlight journalist Mark McLemore, also of Ghost Cow fame ( www.ghostcow.com/band/index.html ), did a nice job covering SonicAnta. 18. http://cdbaby.com/found?allsearch=%22glenn+weyant%22 - Helping keep SonicAnta financially alive. 19. www.tunnelsinger.com/ - Hauntingly simple and deeply beautiful music. 20. www.southboundsarah.blogspot.com/ - The journal of one migrant headed south. 21. www.barrychabala.com/chabala/ - An alchemist who melts six strings into one with minimally explosive ideas. 22. www.muralesfrontera.org/ - Nogales, Sonora border artists and border wall kalimba resonator collaborators. 23. www.whi-music.co.uk/ - Ringmaster and sonic pioneer extraordinaire. 24. Buck Hoffman - Acoustic blues and deep space (no link but worth a listen if you can find him). 25. www.myspace.com/smileyandthelovedawg - Best thing you'll hear off or on Exit 65. 26. www.borderlinks.org - Doing wonderful work.

Through A Sea Of Ether

Turned forty-four this week on a day saturated in cold desert rains and snow, perfect weather for a trip into the mountains on foot. Began in darkness, stumbling over slick stones, past watching ocotillo and saguaro silhouettes, floating ice crystals melting into my headlamp. Petroglyphs and abandoned mines waited for rediscovery in this place of molten minerals immobilized, volcanic ash, uplift and shallow sea remains. Moving into dawn, encased in spherical luminescence, observed by animals imagined upon hills and within burrows, heartbeat pounding steadily, thoughts drifted and dissipated as the elevation gained and the newly frosted sun rose in opalescence, illuminating a land of vapor and earth. Headlight off and stowed, shrink-wrapped in rain gear, a peak broke the gauze veil and a path appeared. From the west, columns of storms relentlessly made their way into the new day, engulfing hills and horizon, rising into encompassing space. Oscillating valid rain and liquid snow blew vertically, beating a staccato counterpoint to the rhythm of my heart. Lost in conception while crossing a narrow ridge, the summit became a destination, an island of stone in a sea of ether, somewhere between now and then, not quite real but fully being in a traveling sky filled with galloping ghosts and transitive rain dragons calling. I had ascended fully into clouds and it was a good time to live or die. Paparazzi lightning flashes prickled thin skin, encasing bones and blood, whispering winds howled sweetly and the moment to continue on further arrived. Descending from this place of clouds like a waterlogged Moses, I melted into the drizzling desert again, head full of thoughts and nothing, stepping photometrically forward into the mystery of what would be.

Sound and Soapbox

The Glitch Meditations As some of you know, I own an inexpensive laptop that, like myself, suffers from occasional memory stress. Recently I've discovered a new random chaos technique which involves loading a music program with .wav files much too large for the computer's memory to handle. I then save the tracks into a single file. During that process a computer "glitch" shortens some tracks into loops, fragments others, and in general performs tasks not requested. Embracing the "glitch" has allowed me to enter into a true collaboration with my computer. In these creative ventures the computer human relationship has been subverted from slave and master to creative partners. The three meditations from our recent collaborations are availableHEAR. (Scroll down below The Anta Project downloads). Embrace the glitch. Would You Die For A Job? Over the past year or so, The Anta Project has fostered communication opportunities with people from around the world who are interested in the rich tapestry of ideas this work presents. The nexus of borders, sound creation, migration, artistic and human empowerment, symbolic transformation and listening (to name just a few of the key points) is apparently universal, and has led to some interesting areas of conversation. When discussing The Anta Project with people who are not from Tucson (and some who are), I've been consistently struck by how little is known about the border deaths that occur in the Sonoran Desert each year. When people learn the number is only the "official" body count, that is, only the bodies that have been found so far, the point seems to really hit home. So for those of you who are interested in learning more about migrant deaths in the desert along the US/Mexico border, here are a few missing links that might help with perspective. The Arizona Daily Star, one of the local daily pubs has been keeping a tally of the numbers in the Tucson sector. Another local paper covering migrant deaths isThe Tucson Citizen. According to onefinding, roughly 1.5 Mexican nationals die trying to enter the United States every day. Perhaps not so surprising: Increased "security" has actually been leading to increased border deaths as migrants are forced to take greater risks when crossing into the Unites States. According toanother report: "The increase in border crossing deaths has taken place since the implementation in 1994 of the Southwest Border Strategy under the Clinton administration, but has escalated sharply since 2000. According to a report from the University of Arizona, 802 bodies were found in the desert between 2000 and 2005, compared to 125 between 1990 and 1999. That total has now risen to more than 1,000, according to a recent report. The figure does not include those who died on the Mexican side of the border." I encourage people interested in knowing more to do their own research and draw their own conclusions, but one other site worth checking out is from the U.S. Government Accountability Office(GAO). In particular the paragraph which notes: "...the Border Patrol needs to continue to improve its methods for collecting data in order to accurately record deaths as changes occur in the locations where migrants attempt to cross the border— and consequently where migrants die."

Universal Aliens

Long after the earth is consumed by the sun, obliterated by wayward space rocks, or falls prey to demolition in a munitions meltdown, Earthly radio waves will slog into infinity projecting the ghost reality of what a wonderful world this was. Earlier this month DaveX, host ofIt's Too Damn Early, a sonically adventurous weekly radio program on WDBX 91.1FM in Southern Illinois, launched the US/Mexico border via the Anta Project into the great beyond. It's was hard not to smile reading his blog entry. "I finally got a serious chunk of Glenn Weyant’s amazing “Anta Project” on the show. The Anta Project, which boils down masses of Weyant’s recording of his performances at (and ON) the US/Mexico border, will probably be the last straw for Homeland Security who are growing tired of ripping open all the weird packages you people send me. In my defense, please send more– it is my theory that if we keep them busy examining my mail, that they’ll leave Glenn alone to continue his incredible work. After you mail off your goodies, bop over to the SonicAnta site, and check out some of the recordings for yourself. Good stuff!" But this was the part that left me muttering: "Shit yeah!" "In less depressing news, I just picked up a new listener, whose computer headphones somehow began picking up my broadcast as he worked this morning. I just got a call from this fellow, who started receiving the accidental transmission sometime during Glenn Weyant’s “Anta Project” recordings, and was surprised to hear my voice tell him about the Sonoran Desert. Yeah, that might freak me out a little too! Anyhow, he wisely followed what the voices in his head told him, and called in to find our spot on the radio. What a terrific introduction to “It’s Too Damn Early!”

See Hear: Now!

You've heard The Kestrel 920, The Blu-Blu and The Nailed Board in action on a number of Sonicanta recordings. Perhaps someday there will be a world tour. But for now you can see them all in action at: http://www.kuat.org/misenplace.cfm?ID=865 The video profile on The Kestrel 920 and assorted sonic doings was broadcast on Tucson's public television news program Arizona Illustrated. Personally, I thought arts reporter Sooyeon Lee did a really wonderful job of maintaining the delicate balance between keeping the subject entertaining for a wide audience while also presenting the work with sincerity and integrity. If you enjoyed this segment and you're in Tucson or have access to KUAT programming, be sure to check out their "ARTe" program premiering on October 9 at 9 p.m. Check local listings for more details. The Oct. 9 broadcast is slated to feature Howard Terpning, Jay Dusard, Annie Bunker, David Tineo, and concertmaster, Steven Moeckel.

Sex Dungarees Of Desperation

Yet another list, in no particular order, of search terms driving people Anta-ward so far in Sept. 007. Everyone's searching for something... _________________ prepared guitar nail board pakistan wall design red bug that lives in walls roadside shrine schaller oyster contact microphone RED INSECT Shaken Not Stirred St Jude in clouds battle of first st albans berlin wall map cello bow contact mic elec- firefox linkchecker glenn weyant leeter of intend marc edwards mark mclemore kuaz morocco child migrants nogales arizona reclining chair record wall roadside shrine arizona mexico border sanskrit word schaller oyster mic sonic collage mexico transborder nogales velvet bugs water jug nail board Anta Project Anta project Balophon John Cage Battle of St Albans Canada water tower DMZ Does fencing make highways safer ESTONIA underground musicians Filetype:jpg iran Juan Carlos Hernandez Mexico wall USA migrant photo Nogales Arizona Outward Registered Letter Photographs of Knoxville Tennessee Sweden individual workers available Pauline Oliveros Tex Johny Wocker anta media arizona electric guitar asheville daedelus books avant gard back ground for power points battle st Albans berlin walls bite me sound clip black wine build shortwave radio carlos hernandez cello bow maker cello wine rack chaos box set chris weyant contact microphone crowe guestbook current singapore guestbook email contacts deconstruct sound image desert world map dusty road usa blues electrical scrap design electro guitar last name of arab people found in the desert glen weyant glen wynant guadalupe roadside shrine guitar construction heath watts saxophone improvised music from japan box set innovation ideas clip art insecurity wall juan carlos hernandez kansas may length of wall that separates US from Mexico long wall looking for email contacts of Indian local workers massimo magee mexico border mexico border wall modern instrument modern rock electric guitar moksha set mp mystic swan hansa native samoan designs office map on the glass our lady of - our lady of guadalupe over the top oyster mic pakistan farms patents on viagra in slovak republic pegasus electric guitar people eating bird in art percussion wall of found objects picture new wall mexican border pictures of nogales sonora powerpoint templates barbed wire fence prepared - prepared guitar wire red bugs in chile san-francisco en images sanskrit wisdom sanskrit words schaller contact microphone shortwave radio signa- sleepy mexican someone bowing sonic anta sonic shadow story en or sonic underground box set sony vintage radio sound barrier fence sounds of the border jazz summer homes in mexico symbolism of the wall the anta project the war of the roses theme and variations toothpaste tube uc merced united states government photo projects us government walls fear weyant what are puffies where wood is called metal in Boston Ma wordpress skip to content plug inn

Freejazz.org Sampler Vol. II Out

After a year or so of gathering tracks and general logistics, the Freejazz.org Sampler Vol. II has been finalized and is available for download HERE. Of course I'm biased about how well this turned out, but if you appreciate adventurous music be sure to help yourself to an ear-full. For my contribution to the compilation, an excerpt from BITE ME WAL-MART (Suite), a work for prepared piano and Kestrel 920 was added. Send an email to glennATsonicantaDOTcom for more details about acquiring the full BITE ME WAL-MART (Suite). _________________________ FREEJAZZ.ORG SAMPLER VOL. II Title/Artist/Notes 1: Spark Trio - TIDAL WAVE: Ras Moshe – Tenor Sax; Matt Lavelle – Trumpet; Todd Capp – Drums 2: Berenson/Barnum/Marconi - Staring it Right in the Eyes: Adam Berenson – Piano; Scott Barnum – Bass; Bill Marconi – Drums/Percussion 3: Wright/Bailley - Philadelphia 2/06: Jack Wright - Saxes; Alban Bailley - Guitar www.springgardenmusic.com 4: Marc Edwards & Slipstream Time Travel - Ion Storm: James Duncan – Trumpet; Ras Moshe – Saxophone; Tor Snyder – Electric Guitar; Marc Edwards– Drums www.myspace.com/slipstreamtimetravel 5: Dan Brunkhorst - Abraham: Dan Brunkhorst – Slide guitar, machines 6: End Times Trio - Unexpected Explosions in a Midwest Suburb: Frank Trompeter – Alto/Tenor/Soprano Saxophone; Mark Schwartz – Guitar and Preparations; Richard Gilman-Opalsky – Drums and Percussion 7: Barry Chabala - Oswald Contemplates His Existence: Barry Chabala – Guitar www.barrychabala.com 8: Carey/Khoury - Untitled Improvisation/ March 7, 2003: Mike Carey –Bass Clarinet; Mike Khoury – Violin www.geocities.com/entropystereo 9: phil hargreaves - The End of the Street: phil hargreaves – Found sounds, Cello, Soprano Sax and Voice www.whi-music.co.uk 10: Lee Tusman/Voodooartist - Earsplode Dos: Circuit-bent kid's toy guitar processed and recorded through Ableton Live 11: Massimo Magee - Dual Emission: Massimo Magee – Tenor Sax, Amplifier, Homemade instrument #1 and recorder. www.myspace.com/massimomagee 12: Mittimus: Nothing is Really Free Now, is It?: Mike Yarrish – Upright Bass; Matt Sekel – Guitar www.myspace.com/mittimus2 13: Padma Sound System - Cubist Monastic Trio: Heidi Wilson Sax, Aryen Hart Vocals & Electronics, Yeshe Dorje Balophon & treatments http://www.padmasoundsystem.com/sonic-pueblo/ 14: Grass Hair Duo - untitled: Dan Pell - drums, Heath Watts - soprano sax 15: Glenn Weyant - Bite Me Wal-Mart (Suite Excerpt): Glenn Weyant – Kestrel 920 and Piano www.sonicanta.com 16: Fire and Flux - An Aphorism on Time: Benjamin Kates – Alto Sax; Richard Gilman-Opalsky – Drums and Percussion

Tucson Anta Pod People

Tucson public radio station KUAZ-89.1 FM aired a nice piece on The Anta Project and some of my found object instruments this week. No matter where my sounds may appear in the global ether, I always appreciate winding up on the airwaves of the place I call home. Scroll down to the Arizona Spotlightpodcast link for the full show. There is also a three minute downloadable mp3 improvisation for blu-blu., winged live in the studio on a $3,000 microphone (I didn't catch the sound guy's name but he also did a hell of a job capturing the soul of that curtain rod and tin can aural contraption). Also, if you get a chance, check out the sounds of interviewer Mark McLemore's bandgHosT cOw. I'm sure you'll find it worth the listen.

Going Boing-Boing

Last week boing-boing.net featured The Anta Project as a link: http://www.boingboing.net/2007/08/23/index.html The global outpouring of interest and support as a result of that link has been very energizing (not to mention the fun placement beneath a David Lynch interview). But more importantly I appreciated being turned-on to so many new ideas and sounds. Once again my sneaking suspicion that we're living in an unprecedented age of universal sound exploration, listening, experimentation and communication is confirmed. So... a few links for your listening/viewing consideration I recently discovered: http://maaheli.ee http://moks.ee http://startlingmoniker.wordpress.com/2007/08/25/itde82507/ http://www.manymouths.org/antral/about.html http://www.southboundsarah.blogspot.com

Friday Morning Everywhere Experienced

Friday Morning Everywhere, that ubiquitously interstellar work of sound collage, improvisation and experimentation crafted by musician Phil Hargreaves and myself via the US/United Kingdom postal service and made available at no charge was chosen by Sound On Sound Magazine as their reader CD pick of the month. "In an age where it’s so easy to hit a button on a plug-in and spew out electronic noise to order, it’s great to hear something created the hard way, using imaginative playing techniques to extract new sounds from acoustic instruments. Phil and Glenn have found enough different flavours of cacophony to give each track its own distinct character, yet the album as a whole has a pleasing coherence." You can read the full review HERE. And if you haven't yet experienced Friday Morning Everywhere, isn't it about time you DID???? And oh yes... for those of you seeking further visuals... an MTV ready application of the "Neighbours" track from FME is now available for DOWNLOAD.

Monsoon (D) Construction

Three excerpts from the Monsoon (D) Construction disc are now available now at: http://www.sonicanta.com/music.html Monsoon (D) Construction is a three part meditation on the nature of creation, decay and reconstruction inspired by firsthand observations made of summer rain interaction with desert flora. During the construction of each track, a sonic "seed" was initially planted at a fixed point along the sound timeline. Subsequent sounds were then created and added in response to form destinations, relationships and points of origin interconnected. All three tracks were built utilizing prepared guitar, prepared piano, blu-blu, Kestrel 920, amplified wine rack and steel chair. Track 1 (Liquid) and Track 3 (Transition) were extensively sculpted and mixed in a laptop environment utilizing a unique blend of multi-dimensional application processes I developed and are intended to retain elements of control and chaos. Track 2 (Growth) was recorded in a raw, suspended-time state. To obtain a copy of the entire Monsoon (D) Construction disc with superior sound quality and liner notes contact: glennATsonicantaDOTcom.

The Sound Of Summer Fleeting

Summer's end advances upon Tucson in subtle shifts of fading light. Far off storms churn over distant seas pushing the desert, lush and green and overripe, towards the inevitable autumnal slumber. City street shadows linger in alleys and doorways, a refuge for slinking cats and wind-swept trash. A good time to drink red wine and watch midnight lightning flash on the Mexican horizon, illuminating towering clouds hidden, piled like sunken armadas beneath an inverted onyx sea. In celebration of this season of change, a triptych of new downloads for prepared guitar, blu-blu, prepared piano, amplified steel chair, Kestrel 920 and wine rack should be available in the coming weeks as soon as I find the right mix for the last track. A semi-regularly updated Power Point presentation about the making of The Anta Project has also been added to MEDIA.

A Skull Splitting Ouroboros Grin

Every so often there are moments of discovery that send myself into a skull splitting grin. It's a Saturday afternoon and I'm killing time waiting for another monsoon storm idly Googleing myself, vain primate that I am, entranced by my own reflection in wired reality. And in that moment of supreme boredom I discover a wonderful review in monk mink pink punk Reading how Josh Rosen stumbled upon Seven Transharmonic Explorations In Multitonal Omnivibrationalism: Volume Six while rummaging about in the "used bin" of his local music shop was the shit. But to later read he thought the recording lived up to the hype of the disc's art, after taking a chance on this totally unknown commodity, left me with that skull splitting grin I mentioned earlier. If you get some time, and you'll need time for all the material listed, be sure to visit: http://www.ronsen.org/monkminkpinkpunk The recent issue also has a fine pair of interviews with Keith Rowe and Eric Cordier. Plus there's roughly four years of archives to dig through. Not to mention the unique opportunity to bask in the somewhat Ouroborostic symmetry of all this by discovering a web site, randomly chosen, because someone discovered a disc, randomly chosen. And so on...

The Great Mystery CD Giveaway

Everyone's got a story about how they discovered SonicAnta. Word of mouth, media, found sound and of couse, a random visit to The Stumble Inn. This month's contest: Drop me an email describing how you found Sonicanta and get a free mystery disc (while supplies ask). And while we're on that note... a sampling of search terms that brought people here in July. _________________________ anta project prepared guitar red bug in china glenn weyant nogales arizona Glenn Weyant Mexico Vegetation shrine steno filetype:jpg war of the roses Sounds of Silence iran DOWNLOAD Jane Crowe Knoxville MD Moldova Nogales Arizona avant-garde avant my thoughts cello bow detailed squid photo monsoon clouds pic monsoon desert nail board nano exploit sent by registered mail top of letter shortwave radio sonic anta stuff for 25 dollars loud ant 2007 current email guestbook of limited in mexico and india email contact address of Dentist guestbook 2007 email contacts and guestbook of water corporation in u.s.a 2007 email guestbook of Arizona 2007 email guestbook of road side workers in usa 2007email contact of all wonder in uas Arizona sound wall contact microphones Artist-Weyant Berlin wall Electric Guitar bridges For more information visit: www.sonicanta.com | www.telamon.org | www.theartgalleryofknoxville.com Glenn Weyant and The Anta Project Glenn Weyant of The Anta Project JORDAN FARM PRODUCING INDIVIDUAL MEMBER PERSON CONTACT GUESTBOOK 2007 Jane crowe tennessee Leslie Wylie of Knoxville TN RED BUGS SCHALLER OYSTER SonicAnta The Anta Project 2007 new email guestbook of ..._Saudi Arabia american homeland member guestbook june 2007 @aol.com anta sanskrit antique squid atonal mp3 download audi avant garde chair barbed wire fence blublu free download buy cialis cache:OnGoAuRHai8J:www.sonicanta.com/news.html 2007 email guestbook of japan road side workers chop sticks download contac- contact email guestbook for all volunteers from USA to africa contact mic recordings cultural concept of avant garde dip- dmz emailguestbook in india with there contact farm workers vancouver live in looking for fence wire finger fine email guestbook of Galleries 2007 in mexico free download programm instrumentals george bush signature glen weyant of the anta project greece shrine guitar free download hear how to hear if you lived here you'd be home by now jane crowe knoxville juan carlos hernandez wocker knoxville art appalachia photos fence loud night bird sounds tucson july monstrous puffies nails board one tube radio original design over the top prep- roadside shrine schaller oyster schaller oyster microphone simple minds once upon a time cd singapore letter envelope sonicanta squid au- tonga traditional musical instrument in seychelles transformers comic download free us mexico - velvet bug viagra weyant

Er-Ah Make That Three...

Here's a thoughtful radio interview about The Art Gallery of Knoxville show by Ann Loyd of WUOT 91.9 FM. http://wuot.org/mt/archives/2007_07.html

Two Things Now

Just a bit of FYI fallout from the Knoxville Zone.... A wonderful bit of journalism by Leslie Wylie about the show which appeared in Knoxville's alternative newspaper MetroPulse: http://www.metropulse.com/articles/2007/17_28/coverstory.html Also a streaming video link from the instrument building sessions we did, expertly edited and filmed by Chris Molinski from The Art Gallery of Knoxville. http://www.theartgalleryofknoxville.com/growingtn.mov

And So Notes

After 72 sleepless hours in a blender, I'm very pleased to report The Anta Project's Knoxville immigration was a stellar adventure and success. The workshops, gallery show and assorted events brought out some wonderful discussions about the nature of our human condition, sound creation, borders and migration. The gracious hospitality and enthusiasm by so many was very refreshing in this age of walls and fences. The show will continue through August 31 (See post below for details). But in the weeks and months ahead expect this baby to get legs of it's own (See picture above as "hung" in Times Square, New York City). Too many wonderful ideas and possibilities to mention. Now it's just a matter of transforming dreams into reality. Stay tuned, wear your sunscreen, listen further, till again.

Baked In Tucson At 111 Degrees

As Tucson melts into Dali World beneath the summer sun, thoughts are turning towards the opening at The Art Gallery of Knoxville this weekend (July 6 / 7pm ::: 317 N. Gay St.) If you're in that part of the world, please be sure to stop by and say hello. The show itself will run through August. Knoxville Voice reporter Eric Dawson wrote two insightful and well articulated articles previewing the photos and sounds (see links below). Good reading, happy trails, keep cool and have a peaceful fourth. PHOTO STORY SOUND STORY

Knoxville And The Synaptic Recharge

Summer's finally settling in and with temperatures topping 100 I've decided it's time to unplug my brain from the Web and reconnect with everything else that is. To do this I'll be observing a two-week email/Web blackout beginning: NOW! (almost). If you write during the blackout, please know you are not being ignored. Your correspondence is very important to me and I will reconnect and respond to everyone come July 1. Until then think of my vacant email reply as a sort of cyber mutated meditation on Cage's 4'33 (or is it 3'44? I always get them mixed up.) ~~BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE!~~ I'm very pleased to note I'll be traveling to Knoxville, Tennessee in July to help kickoff a two-month group exhibition curated by Jane Crowe and facilitated by Chris Molinski at The Art Gallery of Knoxville. The official press release and details are below, but in a nutshell ::: The Anta Project will serve as a sonic accompaniment to a wonderful exhibit of photographs taken by the children of migrant farm workers and Appalachian families titled simply: A CROSS CULTURAL ART EXHIBITION. I also hope to conduct a found instrument workshop and presentation about The Anta Project while in town. The opening night is Friday, July 6th at 7:00 pm and the show will run through the end of August. If you live in the area, are passing through, or are looking for a summer road trip, I hope you get a chance to check this one out. I know you'll find it worth the journey. Now to make like HAL (cue Daisy). Stay tuned, listen deep and eat your vegetables. Till then, Glenn ________________ The Art Gallery of Knoxville 317 N Gay St Knoxville TN 37917 www.theartgalleryofknoxville.com Telamon Corporation TN Migrant/Seasonal Head Start 6424 Baum Drive Knoxville, TN 37919 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE KNOXVILLE, TN: CROSS CULTURAL ART EXHIBITION Photography by the children of migrant farm workers and Appalachian families shown in collaboration with the work of sound artist Glenn Weyant of The Anta Project: Transforming the U.S./Mexico border as an electro-acoustic musical instrument. July 6 -- August 31, 2007 (Opening Night: Friday, July 6th at 7:00 PM) The Art Gallery of Knoxville will present Growing Tennessee a cross-cultural, collaborative project featuring photography by the children of migrant farm workers and Appalachian families. The exhibition, curated by project coordinator Jane Crowe, places the photography alongside the work of sound artist Glenn Weyant who, for the past 20 years, has been transforming the U.S./Mexico border into electro-acoustic musical instrument. SonicAnta, the exploration of sonic boundaries by Arizona sound artist Glenn Weyant, has been underway in a variety of formats. The Anta Project is an enhanced sound collage compiled from covert performances utilizing modified chop sticks and a cello bow to play the steel wall, barbed wire fences and assorted ephemera that separates the United States from Mexico in the Sonoran Desert. By turning the three-mile long steel wall that separates the U.S. from Mexico into a sprawling electro-acoustic instrument, Weyant's goal is "to deconstruct its purpose and sonically prod the listener into a line of inquiry. Instead of being an implement of division, the wall becomes an instrument of creation with the power to unite." Telamon Corporation: Tennessee Migrant and Seasonal Head Start (TMSHS) serves the children of migrant farm workers across the state. In 2006 TMSHS launched Growing Tennessee: Rural Youth Cultivate Common Ground, with the support of Head Start and Starbucks Foundation funds. Through collaboration with professional artists and volunteers, over 20 young people from both migrant farm worker families and local Appalachian families have created photographic portraits documenting their cultural traditions. For more information visit: www.telamon.org www.theartgalleryofknoxville.com Contact: Jane Crowe, Program Development Coordinator, Telamon Corporation Telephone: 1-800-825-9724, ext. 15 Email: jcrowe@telamon.org

Real Military Urbanism Simple

The Anta Project was featured this week at: http://subtopia.blogspot.com/2007/06/great-wall-of-music.html But don't just stop there. Be sure to check out the other entries Bryan Finoki has written. Finoki presents a uniquely compelling blog about life in this age of fear and loathing. So... which side are you on?

There's This Water Tower In Merced...

Last week I was honored to travel to the UCMerced campus in California for a public discussion about sound and The Anta Project. A great time with a very receptive audience. Next time you're on the road to Yosemite you might want to check this town out. It's rough around the edges but with an interesting energy. Want to learn more? Merced Sun-Star article: http://www.mercedsunstar.com/local/story/13653267p-14246629c.html

Anta On The Road, Yeti Again

Two events coming up if you're in California, Tennessee or a similar state (betwixt or between): Friday, June 1st, 2007 University of California: Merced All The World's An Instrument: Play It --- NOW 10:30 am Willow Conference Rm 322, Classroom Bldg., 3rd Flr. Merced CA (209) 228-7742 Price: Free With a methodology rooted in his experiences transforming the U.S./Mexico border into an electro-acoustic instrument, Tucson-based sound sculptor Glenn Weyant will use images, sounds and words to explore what happens when culturally symbolic or metaphorical objects are chosen as instruments and how this approach can engage the passive listener with an organic line of questioning, leading to a deeper awareness of issues beyond the sounds themselves. Opening:Friday, July 6th, 2007 The Art Gallery Of Knoxville Growing Tennessee: Tennessee Rural Youth Cultivate Common Ground 317 North Gay St. Knoxville TN 37917 (865) 595-4401 From July through August: The Anta Project will serve as a sound installation to accompany an exhibit of photographs of daily life taken by the children of immigrant and rural farm workers currated by Jane Crowe.

Give It Away, Give It Away

On this fine day in earthly history... 1455- King Henry VI was taken prisoner by the Yorkists at the Battle of St. Albans, during the War of the Roses. 1841- Henry Kennedy received a patent for the first reclining chair. 1892- Dr. Sheffield, a British dentist, invented the toothpaste tube. 1900- Edwin S. Votey received a patent for the pianola, a pneumatic piano player. 1969- A lunar module of Apollo 10 flew within nine miles of the moon's surface. 1998- Bolivia was hit with a series of powerful earthquakes. 2002- C.H.U.D. are discovered in Tucson sewers. 2006- www.sonicanta.com goes live! And so it goes. Twas ever thus. Send me an email today with your address before 11:59:59 p.m. and you'll receive a mystery disc or two while supplies last. Play the world.


SOLD! Details on the next EXTRACTED EARTH box set (2/20) available in the next month or so. _______________________ The first four-disc box set of the ambient installation: EXTRACTED EARTH: A Sonic Work Without Listeners is now available on eBayHERE. Only 20 box sets will be produced. Each box set, signed and numbered, will contain one-of-a-kind items and art. While the recordings will remain consistent, other items such as drawings, box design, disc covers, photography and etc. will vary. Once all 20 sets have been compiled and released, there will be no others. The box set currently available is the first in this limited edition series (1/20) and contains the following: 1. Four discs; 2. Hand-colored disc covers with installation schematics; 3. Photographs; 4. A copy of The Godmakers by Frank Herbert circa 1973. NOTE: Additional items may be included prior to shipping. For more details and sound clips click: HEAR. EXTRACTED EARTH is an immersive sonic environment consisting of four individual works to be played simultaneously or at erratic intervals upon no less than eight speakers/four stereo systems within an equal proximity of hearing distance in repeat-all mode to create unique user generated combinations and performance possibilities. While each disc can be enjoyed for it's own properties, EXTRACTED EARTH is designed to be a participatory immersion experience. In the traditional dynamic there is the Sound Creator (the person who creates the sound/recording) and the Sound Listener (the person who consumes the final product). The relationship dead-ends when the act of creation is transferred into a passive state of being. With EXTRACTED EARTH the Sound Listener becomes an active arbitrator of the performance and the passive is expunged, becoming in essence a Sound Creator, by deciding how many discs will be played, in what sequence, in what locations and so on. DISC ONE: Yana, a Sanskrit word meaning "vehicle" but often used to suggest a "path," ::: piano/eternal feedback/whispers/water. DISC TWO: Hansa, a Sanskrit word for a mystic swan or goose representing divine wisdom beyond the reach of humans ::: prepared guitar/birds/trains. DISC THREE: Kali, a Sanskrit word with the dual meanings of both "time" and "black" ::: flute/blublu/drone/bells. DISC FOUR: Moksha, a Sanskrit word meaning liberation ::: feedback/Kestrel 920.

Looking Forward: Back Again

This week marks the first anniversary of the performance that launched The Anta Project, and I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has lent their support, downloaded the sounds and helped keep this project rolling. Since May 2006 The Anta Project has given away (at no cost to the listener) over thirty-three gigabytes of sound and 200 physical discs to people from over eighty countries (See list below). In no small part the success of The Anta Project was heavily influenced by all those who helped share the project’s sounds and concepts with audiences around the world. In particular: * National Public Radio’s All Things Considered * Signal-to-Noise: The Journal of Improvised and Experimental Music * Bowed Radio * German National Radio SWR2 * The Phoenix New Times * The Downtown Tucsonan * Tucson Underground * The numerous blogs, zines and sites that translated the project into over five languages. Through the vision, interest and support of faculty at Northern Arizona University, Arizona State University, and The University of Kansas, The Anta Project also morphed into a presentation which utilizes sound, images and discussion to recreate the performance, address border issues and open minds to ideas about sound and perception. It was an honor to present The Anta Project at each of these welcoming institutions. Last but not least, on a personal level, this project has been extremely gratifying. Since May 2006 I’ve been very fortunate to trade emails with sonic visionary Pauline Oliveros, collaborate on a trans-border event with artists Alberto Morackis and Guadalupe Serrano and the Casa de Cultura in Nogales, Sonora, and even hear from former Mexican President Vicente Fox and U.S. President George W. Bush (although George’s note somewhat was surreally disconnected). I’ve also met and corresponded with many wonderful people too numerous to list but without whom this never would have been possible. In the year ahead watch for new collaborations, manifestations and incarnations of The Anta Project as well as the usual sonic contemplations and explorations. The next twelve months should be an interesting ride, so stay tuned and stay in touch. A Post Script Or Two PS: I know I have a tendency to blather on a bit, but if you made it this far I’ll tip you off to something not yet announced: Under HEAR I’ve uploaded four sample tracks from EXTRACTED EARTH. Each abbreviated sampler track, edited with a fade-in/out, runs about five minutes (Each EXTRACTED EARTH disc runs roughly 60 minutes). The downloads will not be officially released until the first box set is ready in another week or two. But if you’re looking for something new to bury your mind in…enjoy. You earned it.

The Good, The Bad, The Extracted

The Good Through random chance, natural design or some mix of the two, I've had the good fortune to learn about Jane Crowe of Knoxville, Tennessee and the work she is doing with the children of migrant and native farm workers there. With Jane's guidance the children have been taking photos of the world they know as part of a project called: Growing Tennessee: Rural Youth Cultivate Common Ground. It looks as if we'll have a chance to blend her images with an Anta Project sound installation at The Art Gallery of Knoxville this summer. More details on this as they emerge. The Bad As some of you know, there had been plans this May to stage a percussion event on either side of the US/Mexico wall in Nogales. Unfortunately, after much planning and effort, permits on the US side were not issued for the event so it has been cancelled. Apparently live music is a threat to national insecurity. But stay tuned folks, there's more in store. The Extracted The recordings for Extracted Earth are complete and the packaging is underway. The presentation for each four disc set will be one-of-a-kind, signed and numbered with no more than 20 being produced total. More details on this one soon too.

KC Aftermath and Extracted Earth

Had a chance this weekend to become immersed in /share thoughts about sound creation at the KU Interdisciplinary Jazz Studies Colloquium. The working title was: What's Avant Garde About The Avant Garde. Returned home exhausted and energized by all of the ideas floated, but had no idea what Avant Garde meant (My take: It's all in the listening). Eventually, I plan to post my presentation on The Anta Project. However, the live Coke bottle improvisation demonstration was lost forever to the ether (as well it should have been). Sites discovered at KU worth a listen: Charity Chan: www.terminus1525.ca/studio/view/4397 Fred Ho: www.bigredmediainc.com Ursel Schlicht: www.urselschlicht.com **<><><**><><><**><><><**><><><**><><><**><><>** EXTRACTED EARTH Extracted Earth will finally be released this month in a four track "sampler" format you can download at no charge. If you like what you hear, the unabridged/complete, 240 minute, four-disc Extracted Earth installation will also be released as a "for sale or barter" item some time in May. Each signed/ numbered/ limited edition disc set will come with playing instructions, original cover art, extensive liner notes, an optimum speaker placement chart/schematic and detailed sound setting standards. NOTE: To experience this work properly it is strongly suggested Extracted Earth be played simultaneously upon four stereo-systems or boom boxes (eight speakers), ideally in a single room or building.

Time Does Flit, Oh Shit

It's been two weeks since an update and there's much to report but so little time. So maybe it'll all wind up in another email blast. But to keep things entertaining here's another list of search terms that bring people to www.sonicanta.com. My fav: hammered out kitchen sinks vancouver canada glenn weyant Homeland Security bus contact mic free crowd photos velvet bug Dick Chaney signature Red Bug SCHALLER OYSTER Vicente Fox arizona sound homeland security bus instrument board mittimus sample new wall for mexican border nogales AZ nogales mexico office crowd photo montage images of st jude shortwave radio vicente fox vicente fox signature wall on the mexican border mexican Nogales Arizona 2007 email guestbook of can crackers tin NOGALES ARIZONA SONORA BORDER Schaller Oyster contact microphone SonicAnta aluminum instrument resonation build a drone chicago everybody must get droned contact- everybody must get droned chicago freedownloads hammered out kitchen sinks vancouver canada hand on barbed wire how to say spew in mexican monsoon desert prepared guitar red bug roadside shrines vintage shrine roadside the shrine of our lady of gudalupe


Name That Wall, Again... Time once again to play... NAME THAT WALL! Simply send an email naming this month's wall du jour and if you're right... You Win! Every correct answer is a winner. This month's prize is a copy of The Anta Project along with an advance release of "Yana," an ambient work for whispers, water and piano with eternal feedback. Kansas Anta No details yet on the upcoming University of Kansas presentation, Mar. 29-31. As soon as the time and space is released, details will appear here. Looking forward to taking these sounds and visions on the road again. Live sound sculpture planned with a limited cd-r release. Stay tuned. SÜDWESTRUNDFUNK The Podcast of a recent broadcast on German radio (SWR2) by Lotta Suter accompanied by tracks from The Anta Project is now available at: http://www.podcast.de/sendung/291969/SWR2_Leben_22_Diesseits_von_Eden It's an interesting meditation on the fear and insecurity that drives people to build walls and fences. Can't help but wonder: Who is being kept out and who is being kept in?

Nursing A Hot Cuppa

Friday Morning Everywhere, the disc Phil Hargreaves and I assembled via the postal service, was given a nice review. Highlights: "I like to think that working (yeah working..!) on reviewing as soon as I wake up produces more clear and honest results, so whether an increased contemplative state is due to these weird sounds or just my usual fairly stunned state at seeing the world again, is open to debate. But these tracks produce such deep reflecting that when the music stops my senses are 100% clearer, is this due to relief? Is this the intention behind this 'art'? " Full Review: http://www.freenoise.co.uk/albumreviews/archive/h/index.htm Free Download: http://www.whi-music.co.uk/fme/index.html

Mister Bush~Tear Down This Wall

On February 22, the German radio program SWR2 will air a segment on the US/Mexico border wall. The story by journalist Lotta Suter will also feature tracks from The Anta Project. The program should eventually be available as a Podcast. My German is almost as bad as my English, but the preview on their Web site looks interesting and is hopefully translated here correctly via a free on-line translation program. Sincere apologies for any errors: (After Ronald Regan called upon the Soviet Union to tear down the Berlin Wall) George Bush the older... became an honored citizen of the city undivided now because of its salaries after reunification. The current reigning American President, George Bush junior, on the other hand, concluded this summer by building a 1,125 kilometer long fence along the boundary to Mexico. Obviously not only must communisim be defended against, but rather all neoliberale ideologies with all force - no paradise without expulsion. The obsession with security and inspection in the USA also affects the interior: The democratically open country decomposes increasingly in world's sealed off from one another - here gated communities and elite universities, there prisons and verluderte metropolis training. Who tears down these new walls? To learn more about the program or to hear it yourself visit: http://www.swr.de/swr2/programm/sendungen/leben/-/id=660174/nid=660174/did=1901466/a1mjim/index.html

Friday Morning Everywhere On Monday

The long-awaited release, Friday Morning Everywhere by Phil Hargreaves and myself is now available for download HERE. The tracks are a blend of lyric oriented and purely instrumental avant-free-folk for lack of a better classification. The resulting sonic work is unlike anything I've heard before. But of course I'm biased, so I recommend you give it a listen and decide for yourself. Phil did a nice job with the physical disc as well. It is a limited run, but I believe he has a few for sale or barter if you contact him directly.

Anta On The Road, Again

Some fun news in the mail this week. More details as they emerge. Hope to see you there. ~*~ Dear Glenn, On behalf of the Program Committee for the Fourth Annual Interdisciplinary Jazz Studies Colloquium, I am pleased to inform you that your proposal, "Grass Roots Avant Garde: The Instrument IS the Message," has been accepted for presentation at the University of Kansas, March 30-31, 2007.

Friday Morning Everywhere

Phil Hargreaves just sent me a review copy of the disc we've been working on for more than a year: Friday Morning Everywhere. Phil has done some wonderful work dissecting and reassembling nearly a year's worth of tracks and adding in vocals. In the best way possible it's like nothing I've ever heard before. More details when it's ready to launch. But till then, be sure to give Phil's site a listen: http://www.whi-music.co.uk/


********* HAPPY 007! ********* NEW UPLOADS UNDER HEAR ********* EIGHT TWELVES ~~~~ AND ~~~~ WATER WOOD AND METAL AIR *********** LISTEN LONG AND PROSPER. *********** HAPPY 007! ************ The Eight Twelves: Four Variations~~~ A meditative suite of performances built around a central pulse and minor silence. Each variation is built upon the theme established in the previous work. The ultimate shape of the variation is open to the individual musician’s interpretation but should remain true to the spirit of the previous work. First variation is a duet between bowed blu-blu, a three-stringed acoustic instrument of original design, and manipulated water housed in a steel pan. (Image of blu-blu available under SEE). Second variation is a duet for detuned/prepared guitar and piano with tambourine placed upon the foot pedals. Third variation is an orchestration of steel vibration built from bowed/percussed copper, water and found wood calimba. Fourth variation is a duet for Tibetan death head flute and blu-blu --- a three stringed instrument of original design --- played in a percussive manner. (Image of blu-blu available under SEE). wood water and metal air (in five parts)~~~ A simple meditation on the interaction of wood, water, metal and air sculpted into a sonic work. All sounds heard were created with natural elements and the vibrations they produce. The ambient work runs roughly 60 minutes and has been divided for easy download. Contact glennATsonicanta.com via email for a copy of the full work.

The Year Of Shaken Not Stirred


SonicAnta Offends Weakly?

Ever wonder why local/national/international media has covered The AntaProject, yet Tucson's so-called alternative paper has rejected coverage completely? Well, a little light may have been shed yesterday. A strange email arrived from Jimmy Boegle, the managing editor of The Tucson Weekly (occasionally referred to here as The Tucson Weak Knees). Seems he is upset about comments made over the summer by SonicAnta supporters about his publication's coverage of local music and politics. People also questioned Boegle's judgment/understanding when rejecting coverage. I'm guessing his wildly unfounded, inaccurate and exceedingly unprofessional passive-aggressive accusations were likely the result of too much holiday cheer at the local chain restaurant. I'm also hopeful his somewhat delusional sentiments have not trickled down to staff (thereby influencing their understanding of The Anta Project) and the surrounding community at large. So, in a spirit of peace, I'd like to extend my hand in friendship and wish Jimmy, his staff and Wick Communications all the best in 007. In fact, offending terms such as Tucson Weak Knees and Jimmy Bogus will no longer be tolerated on this site. Also, if you are a member of the Wick Communications family, please contact me via email with your name/address and I will happily send you an autographed copy of The Anta Project as a holiday gift while supplies last.

The Sound Of One Tentacle Flapping

After nearly a year in production, I'm pleased to announce that two extended tracks between Mike Yarrish, Matt Sekel and myself have officially been released for free download HERE. This intermail improvisation upon collaboratively interwoven themes explores the dynamic possibilities of post/pre studio collaboration and lag-time/real-time sound relationships with plenty of nuanced processing for new revelations upon each listening. If you enjoy the downloads and would like the full limited edition disc featuring better sound quality and all original artwork, contact rubbyzx@aol.com for details. For more on Mittimus visit: www.myspace.com/mittimus2 Track One: Electric Tide Weyant: (amplified and processed Kestrel 920 and public jungle gym) Yarrish: (acoustic and processed upright bass, electronics) Sekel: (electric guitar with e-bow, ball point pen and electronics) Track Two: Captain Pontificates While Squid Escapes Weyant: (tenor sax, upright piano) Yarrish: (acoustic and processed upright bass, toy percussion, clarinet) Sekel: (electric guitar with e-bow, ball point pen and electronics)

If A Tree Googles In The Forest...

Just for kicks... I was looking at Web stats for SonicAnta tonight. Roughly 100 people per day visit the site with occasional dips and spikes thrown in. This flow of connection is entirely viral and I'd like to thank everyone who has deemed this project worthy of passing on. So with deep appreciation, if you have mentioned this site on a Web site or simply shared it with a friend, shoot me an email and I'll send you a limited edition mix disc project sampler. Each disc will contain original art and mix content. But in the mean time, this month's list of search terms that beat a path to SonicAnta's door in no particular order: Glenn Weyant sonicanta jenniffer funk sound objects funk-weyant the anta project tucson stumble inn Kestrel 920 Wall Contact Microphone security anta project assorted objects corporate plug hands barbed wire leaking mexico us fence shortwave radio turning us mexico electro acoustic instrument %22d fence%22 NPR ASU museum of anthropology Sounds of the border: playing the wall Glenn Weyant The Anta Project barbed wire fence boegle tucson cello wall cia romano editorials wall separating mexico and U.S after October 15 glenn weyant america waits glenn weyant- sonicanta hernandez wocker juan carlos hernandez wocker kestrel discography sample music clip of smiley face saying hello schaller oyster schaller oyster nl wall in USA border

Best Worst Review EVER

In the August edition of jazz/blues/improv tome Cadence, reviewer David Dupont flays Seven Transharmonic Explorations In Multitonal Omnivibrationalism: Vol. 6. High points for me: "... a rather obvious vulgar gesture..." "... a dearth of original thought... " "... a clever technician..." "... (plays) everything including the kitchen sink, not to mention a washing machine..." "... spectral, droning and every bit as overblown as the polysyllabic title, the project name and the title..." "... 80 minutes of ambient sound, the kind of background that maybe would serve well as the background of an art exhibit..." Want to hear more? http://cdbaby.com/cd/glennweyant2 album cover

New Times Off The Road Eating Birds

Home Again Grateful appreciation to the kind folks at ASU and NAU who made it possible for The Anta Project to go live, and to all those who took the time to attended both lectures/ performances. Had a great time meeting so many new people with innovative ideas and sharing this project via words, sounds and images. Now to take it further. New Times Gets It The Phoenix New Times, perhaps the last true "alternative" tabloid in Arizona, gave The Anta Project a finereview. Not to mention the placement: Directly below an article on Jello Biafra. Made my day. Eating Birds While not a fan of celebrating continental conquest and native culture annihilation, the idea of giving thanks for the year that was has merit. As does eating leftover mashed potato sandwiches. So no news for a week or so while the year that almost was is digested. Till then, stay tuned and listen deep.

Reading Trips And Road Tips

This Week: Two Notes Time is fleeting faster than usual this week, the spiral into the inevitable further continues. So I'll make it quick... Deep Reading I've been fortunate this week to share some ideas withPauline Oliveros this week. If you have never heard of her/or want to learn more about her innovative Deep Listening pursuits, be sure to visit her site. Some wonderful ideas and sounds being generated. Hope To See You There One more reminder about this week's road show. November 9 ~ 4 p.m. at Arizona State University, Social Sciences Bldg., Rm. 229, Tempe. (click for flyer) This event will be presented by The Arizona State Museum of Anthropology.

Don't Fence Me In

In the news... Bush wants to build a 700 mile, $2.4 billion electro-acoustic instrument along the U.S./Mexico border. Who says Republicans never support the arts? From CNN: President Bush signed a bill Thursday authorizing the construction of a fence along one-third of the 2,100-mile U.S. border with Mexico. The act provides no funding mechanism for the fence, though a $1.2 billion appropriation was approved as part of a bill the president signed this month. There are no concrete numbers, but estimates suggest the fence would cost twice that amount. The earlier bill, however, stipulates that the $1.2 billion could be used for a fence, lighting, vehicle barriers and high-tech equipment. A poll released Wednesday by Opinion Research Corp. finds that 74 percent of the 1,013 Americans surveyed are in favor of more U.S. agents along the border, while 45 percent said they want a 700-mile fence along the border.

newZona Is Now

After a summer collaboration via the U.S. Postal System, avant-chaos New Jersey guitarist Barry Chabala and I have completed newZona: Long~~~Distance Improvisations Vol. 1. Barry (guitar) or I (piano) would record a track, mail it and then record a response. Each response was recorded during the initial listen to create as organic an environment as possible. Essentially it's a live recording but through elongated time/space. Or to think of it another way, two musicians on either side of the universe sending out sounds for the other to respond to in real time. In any case, you can get a copy of the disc by emailingBarry or myself. Copies will also available atsquidco.com orDowntown Music Gallery. The disc was designed by Barry with some wonderful cover art by his son Frankie. Eventually I hope to put up a few short sound samples for those seeking a taste.

Anta On The Road

Office Map Mark Your Calendars I'm looking forward to presenting The Anta Project at two Arizona gigs this month via sound, images and discussion. Hope to see you there. November 9 ~ 4 p.m. at Arizona State University, Social Sciences Bldg., Rm. 229, Tempe. (click for flyer) This event will be presented by The Arizona State Museum of Anthropology. November 13 ~ Northern Arizona University, 7:30 pm, Liberal Arts 135 (Building # 18), Flagstaff. This event will be presented by the Department of Modern Languages.

Downloads, France, Contests, More

Office Map New Download: September Swallows (Her Tale) The September/October Construction is up for download. This month’s free downloads are four improvisations built around prepared nailed board and guitar orchestrated. The work was inspired by the “pulse” of seasonal change from summer to autumn. The nailed board is a simple instrument of original design built from wood, nails and wire. In the center is a resonation chamber for placement of an amplification device. The nailed board is plucked, bowed and hammered to obtain the desired effects. Questions? Comments? Let me know. SonicAnta in France A number of mentions on French and other international Web sites (Aren't ALL Web sites international?) this week as a result of the Signal-to-Noise article. Wonderful to see the outward spiral and the connections it is making. Here’s a sample from: http://david-f.livejournal.com/ glenn weyant : bowing the wall un très bon article sur le musicien et sculpteur sonore Glenn Weyant dans le dernier numéro du magazine américain signal to noise. un de ses projets récents consiste à jouer de la musique en utilisant comme matériau physique le mur métallique et les barbelés placés entre les etats unis et le mexique. transformer cette cicatrice en musique est un acte politique assez fort à mon avis, et l'enregistrement n'a pas été de tout repos (les policiers qui patrouillaient ont même cru que son micro contact était un explosif !). le projet est visible en photos par ici, et en écoute là. très prenant Office Map NAME THAT WALL! redux Okay so last month’s contest image of the Berlin wall may have been too obscure, although a few people received discs simply for trying. This month’s monolith of division should be a bit simpler to identify. All you have to do is send an email to glennATsonicanta.com and correctly identify the wall shown in the picture above. It's that easy. The first three people to correctly do so will receive an autographed copy of The Anta Project for their listening and skeet shooting pleasure. So what are you waiting for? This contest will expire on Oct. 30. This In From Australia Following the link from France I had a chance to discover the phenomenal work of Jon Rose and Hollis Taylor. They work primarily with the fences that run across Australia. Really wonderful stuff and well worth checking out. What divides us joins us. http://www.jonroseweb.com/f_projects_great_fences.html New Photos Up A handful of new photos posted this week from the initial expedition and the nailed board. A second recording session may take place this winter along the border. If it does, new pix/sounds will be posted.

Thin Things And The Future

Spread thinner than Dick Chaney's smile this week, so this update is going to wind up as a preview of next week's update.... Next week watch for news regarding the status of two releases, the posting of the September construction (in October), details on the Nov. 9 ~ 4 p.m. ASU Museum of Anthropology presentation, a handful of new photos and more. Here's one bit of information, after posting the Bush letter, U.S. Govt. hits jumped higher than a New York City bed bug. Need to know more? Here's a list of the top thirty countries/entities ordered by number of visits. For the full list see the 9/18 entry which is updated weekly. The world is listening... Unresolved/Unknown US Commercial Network Netherlands US Educational Germany Brazil United Kingdom US Government Mexico Israel France South Africa Japan Finland Australia Poland Dominican Republic Italy Seychelles Russian Federation Moldova United Arab Emirates Austria Taiwan United States Argentina Indonesia Old style Arpanet (area) Brunei Darussalam

What The Mexican Govt. Heard

This week a letter came in the mail... It was registered and needed my signature at the post office which of course sent a ripple through the homestead. Registered mail is always ominous. Not so in this case. Instead it was a pleasant surprise: A note from Juan Carlos Hernandez Wocker, a Mexican diplomatic advisor, regarding The Anta Project ( Full Mex. Text Here ) In the letter Wocker notes: “(President Vicente Fox) appreciates the way in which you intend to transform the meaning of a wall, from its divisive nature, into one of unity.” What struck me about Wocker’s letter, was just how different it was from the one George Bush (or more likely a White House assistant) sent. While both letters are cordial and sparse, the physical letter from Mexico is unpretentious and official. Almost like an interoffice memo. The words however ring true, are personalized and seemingly honest, referring to The Anta Project by name and actually supporting the artistic intention of creating unity instead of division between both countries (What's not to like?) The letter from Bush, on the other hand, is the complete opposite as if viewed through a looking glass darkly. While my Commander In Chief tosses off glib, all purpose text suitable for virtually any occasion ( Full U.S. Text Here ), the paper is thick, lush and tinted the color of light colored toffee. The presidential gold seal is embossed, glossy, glittery, and slightly in danger of becoming ostentatious, not unlike the emblem on the grill of a Cadillac Escalade. Based on the trappings, it is easy to assume Bush’s letter is something of substance. Even the address on the envelope is snazzy, written in the elegant lines of a well-trained, and presumably well-paid calligrapher (Perhaps someone from the Halliburton steno pool?) But at the heart of the feel good eye-candy is a vapid and meaningless generic message. All that’s missing is a smiley face and: “Have a nice day!” No word yet from the Arizona Governor or Canadian Prime Minister. Stay tuned and listen deep...

Signal To Bush And Zona News

Office Map When The Anta Project grew wings in May, the intention was to not only make an ambient recording of the borderlands but to also document the process in words and images as an article for Signal-to-Noise Magazine, the quarterly journal of improvised and experimental music. This month I am pleased to announce that the article, accented by a generous dollop of photographs by the very lovely and talented Jenniffer L. Funk-Weyant, is on newsstands now. Much thanks and gratitude to STN publisher Pete Gershon and his staff for their support of The Anta Project and for all they do to cover, support, nurture and promote the confluence of avant-garde jazz, electro-acoustics, experimentalism, modern rock and beyond. STN is available at: Albuquerque N.M: Newsland; Amherst, MA: Newbury Comics Asheville NC: Downtown Books Austin, TX: End Of An Ear, Waterloo Records, Book People Baltimore, MD: Daedelus Books Boston (Area): Newbury Comics, Harvard Coop, Trident, Brookline Booksmith Boulder, CO: Ear/Rational Music Chicago: Jazz Record Mart, Dusty Groove, Quimby’s, Sound Gallery Denver, CO: Twist & Shout Eugene, OR: Books W/O Borders Greeneville, NC Manifest Houston, TX: Sound Exchange, Issues, Bookstop Indianapolis, IN: Northside News Louisville, KY: Ear X-Tacy New York City: Other Music, Downtown Music Gallery Philadelphia, PA: Spaceboy Music Portland, OR: Powell’s Books, Django, Anthem Records Rochester, NY: Bop Shop. San Francisco, CA: Amoeba Records, Booksmith, Fog City News, News Hunter, Pendragon Books, Pegasus Books Seattle, WA: Bulldog News, Eye & Ear Control, Revolutions, Mag Daddy, Read All About It, Steve’s, Elliott Bay Book Co. Vancouver, Canada: Magpie Zulu Records Washington DC: One Stop News Also available at all Borders, Barnes & Nobles Booksellers & Tower Records locations... But remember to support your locally-owned indy retailers! And, of course, by subscription: www.signaltonoisemagazine.org (fall issue not up yet) King George And I U.S. President George W. Bush wrote to personally thank me for his copy of The Anta Project. Gee, how 'bout that. He wrote to tell me he was kicking back with Laura in the Oval Office listening to the sounds when he was hit with a profound revelation: Walls along borders simply do not work. So long as there is inequality and injustice, people will clamor to be free and the walls will serve simply as obstacles to be overcome even if it means taking ever greater risks to life and limb. Not to mention the impacts on migratory animals. Yeah right. Actually, he just wrote to say thanks for the disc and thanks for the support. Uh, support? Sigh. Why do I bother with this guy... But look at the beautiful penmanship on the envelope. George's Letter More tax dollars well spent. No word yet from Dick, Janet, Vicente or Paul. Zona Sessions Almost Finished New Jersey free chaos guitarist extraordinaire Barry Chabala and myself are finishing up our sonic explorations for guitar and piano. I still owe him a few tracks, but the stuff so far is very interesting. If you like your sound served without a net then this disc will be for you. More details as they emerge. And they will emerge, like C.H.U.D. from beneath the streets of New York City.

Wall Contest, Anthro Anta, Odd Searches

Name That Wall And Win! Office Map Since we humans first pulled ourselves out of the thick primordial slime, we've been building high walls as testaments to the deep fear and loathing we have for one another. Now that same wonderful technology of arbitrary exclusion, giddily embraced by President Bush and members of Congress, is set to culminate in the construction of a massive triple wall on some 700 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border which is home to such endangered and threatened species as cactus pygmy owls, Sonoran pronghorn sheep, flat-tailed horned lizards, bighorn sheep, jaguars and gray wolves. In honor of this latest human debacle, SonicAnta is proud to announce the first in a series of monthly sound giveaways if you can: NAME THAT WALL! All you have to do is send an email to glennATsonicanta.com and correctly identify the wall shown in the picture above. It's that easy. The first three people to correctly do so will receive an autographed copy of The Anta Project for their listening and skeet shooting pleasure. So what are you waiting for? This contest will expire on Sept. 30. New pictures and prizes to be announced each month. Stay tuned and listen deep. Anta Anthropology Looks like I'll be doing a presentation of the Anta Project in early November at the ASU Museum of Anthropology. The presentation will be in conjunction with their annual Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Exhibit. More details in October once everything solidifies, but the presentation as of now is expected to include:
  • A discussion about how the recording was made;
  • Some ideas about transforming the symbolism of a wall meant to divide into an instrument with the power to unite;
  • A playing of the full recording (If you have not heard this recording on a PA you should!)
  • A slide show documenting how the wall and other found objects were "played."
  • A question and answer segment.
Copies of The Anta Project will also be available. I hope to see you there. Welcome To The Stumble Inn Lately SonicAnta has been visited by people whose search terms indicate they may not really be interested in sonic exploration. Up until last month I thought puffies were some kind of pirate shirt. Or maybe a breakfast cereal. You learn something new everyday... A few of the stranger searches that bring people here:
  • schaller oyster microphone
  • audio clip live long and prosper
  • puffies for skip
  • jimmy boegle
  • velvet bugs
  • npr les claypool
  • monstrous puffies
  • satellite dish acoustic experiment
  • kestrel symbolism
  • loud ant
  • we ant

The Clam Before The Storm Thurman

This week, nothing much to report. Slow and lazy days with hurricanes churning up either coast. Waiting for the last rains of summer. Swatting Chihuahua sized mosquitoes. There may be a presentation of The Anta Project in conjunction with a Dia de Muertos celebration at an Arizona museum, but the details are still premature. The September Construction may be an orchestration of liquid and steel. A new instrument is in the works. And so forth. But for now it's the clam before the Storm Thurman. And a long necked one at that...

August Construction & Newsletter Stuff

Need a soundtrack to accompany the howling dawg days of August? As usual, I’ve been mucking about trying to find new ways to deconstruct traditional approaches to modern instruments and challenging presumed performance/sonic boundaries and limitations with form and function. Office Map This month the focus falls upon a roughly 25 year old electric guitar I borrowed from my brother in 1989 and plan on returning before the final day of spring, 2089, if possible. The guitar was prepared eight times in eight different configurations with a variety of mostly metal items used to alter tone and create new opportunities for sound sculpting The construction involves improvising a track in one channel (panned left/right) and then recording a response in the other (panned left/right) with a new, unique preparation. Unlike other projects, EQ/compression/ volume/ sustain were the only effects used in the creation of this work. Titled--- August Construction: The Street Where They Live (Parts I-IV), this series of multi-tracked duets is available for download here. The sounds created should speak for themselves and I hope you find them of interest. A full 60 minute disc with additional tracks is available by contacting me directly. Not Getting It? If you've signed up for the newsletter then you know roughly 10.5 gigs of sound had been downloaded from this site by listeners. If it is a surprise, then be sure to sign on for the SonicAnta newsletter. There's no charge, you can bail at any time, your email will never be sold or given away, and best of all you can get free discs, offers, collectable stuff and feel really groovy. So beware or be square, man...

The Dawg Days Howl

A Wonderful Connection This link to The Anta Project made my week: Nogales High School Everybody Must Get Droned In honor of the dawg days of summer, the August Construction will be a simple five minute work taken from an extended 60 minute piece built around field recordings of highly amplified fan and refrigerator engine micro-sounds. It should be up for download next week and as always will be free of charge. Office Map

Green Bush And The Pantheon

A Letter To President Bush This week a letter (pasted below) was sent to U.S. President George W. Bush along with a copy of The Anta Project disc for his listening pleasure. I'd like to imagine him having a Maxell moment buried deep in a Lay-Z-Boy, martini glass blown askew by the volume. But I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen. CC'd (and also sent discs) were: V.P. Dick Chaney; Canadian P.M. Paul Martin; outgoing Mex. Pres. Vicente Fox; Az. Gov. Janet Napolitano. Now to wait and see if anyone hears. Details as they come. If there is someone you think deserves a letter/disc, e-mail their name/address and one will be on the way. August 7, 2006 Dear President Bush, I would be honored if you would accept the enclosed disc (Titled: The Anta Project), as a personal gift from me to you. The sound sculpture on this disc was created by using a cello bow and other manipulators to play the steel wall that cleaves the City of Nogales on the U.S./Mexico border. The performance also includes Sonoran Desert field recordings of Homeland Security helicopters, water jugs abandoned in the desert by immigrants, vibrating barbed wire fences and blowing wind (For more details please visit: www.sonicanta.com). By turning the border into a sprawling electro-acoustic instrument, my goal was to transform the symbolism of the wall from an implement of division into an instrument of creation with the ability to unite rather than divide. I realize we live in a new decade defined by war and fear, but as you know, high walls will never make for good neighbors. As you enter the twilight years of your presidency, perhaps you will find a way to use the power of your office to turn the walls that separate us as nations into bridges that will ensure peace and prosperity for all. Stay tuned and listen deep, Glenn Weyant Induction Into The Pantheon I'm honored to announce The Anta Project has earned a place in theTucson Underground pantheon. If you have ever wondered about Tucson's scene unseen, this site is for you, although what IS most likely WAS by the time you read this. T'was ever thus.Office Map Finally, The World Is Green In recent weeks the desert world has been transformed. Billowing monsoon clouds poking up over the mountains, bird and insect songs rolling in waves, pools of water filled with life, every plant clothed in bristling new green. Get out in the desert now before you wonder if it was ever here at all.

The Kestrel 920 Goes Global

Googling on a Sunday night came up with a few interesting mentions of the Kestrel 920 (see Hear and About for more details on this invention of unique design): ~~~~~ Seems the Kestrel 920 has earned the admiration of Ape Dirt drummer Gijs Bakker (note he says he plays drums and Kestrel 920): http://www.apedirt.nl/bio.php. Since the prototype has not left my death grip it ain't quite true (although I can be persuaded to build one-of-a-kind next generation custom models). I'm honored with the mention. Hopefully, an opportunity will arise to build these guys a Kestrel 920 of their own. ~~~~ From http://sonoriscausa.over-blog.com/article-953267.html a sweet ode to the 920 (I think). Translation anyone? CLIQUEZ ECOUTEZ, l'étrange Kestrel 920 Des timbres rauques, criards, acidulés, des accords désaccordés, des accidents d'écoute, des fonctionnements aléatoires, des structures modulables... La lutherie s'échappe... ~~~~ Another translation needed but I think I get this one: Articoli di una creatura degna del Dr. Frankenstein... il Kestrel 920. Want a Kestrel 920 built just for you? Drop me a line any time.

The Velvet Red Bug: Downloads Up

Three new downloads (The Velvet Red Bug: July Ghost Constructions 1-3) were uploaded under HEAR today. Stay de-tuned and listen deep...

The Velvet Red Bug Appears

Office Map The other night I found myself sitting on the front stoop 'round midnight, bathed in the orange halogen street lamp glow, awake in a sleepy oasis of urban desert homes. Monsoon storms raged, spreading north from Mexico. The clouds descended in an electric net of cloud-to-cloud lightning as a monstrous vacuum settled in. The wind abated. Tendrils of fog-like dust clouds swirled down the street, drifting in the orange light. Time seemed to stretch and elongate before snapping back again with a vengeance on wings of wind, thunder and rain. Cats scurry for shelter. Leaves fly. Asphalt steams. The Velvet Red Bug appears. Some new downloads inspired by that night's adventures will be available early next week under HEAR. Also... Be sure to visit www.bowed.org next week and download their semi-monthly Pod show. Clear Light from The Anta Project is slated to be featured in the line-up. Also Too... The list of countries and assorted entities visiting www.sonicanta.com below is being updated on a regular basis. In a time of death from above and other horrors, I can't help but wonder: What would a world without borders be like?

Two Quick Things Moving Brightly

Two quick things... Thing One: I'm looking forward to sitting in with the kind folks of Padma Soundsystem ~www.padmasoundsystem.com ~ for some sonic exploration. It will be a chance to blend abstract sound sculpture (including wall and fence samples) with what they do. Everything will be live and improvised so if you enjoy performances without a net, this ones for you. Starts tomorrow, July 12, around 8 pm at Yoga Oasis, 2631 North Campbell Ave., Tucson, Arizona 85719 ~www.yogaoasis.com ~. If you're in Tucson be sure to stop by and say hello. Thing Two: The world is really listening to The Anta Project. I've been updating the list from a previous post but I thought it was worth adding again. The further it goes the closer we'll get. Stay tuned. Angola Argentina Australia Belgium Brazil Burkina Faso Canada China Chile Cote D'Ivoire Finland France Germany India Israel Italy Japan Jordan Korea (South) Lithuania Malaysia Mexico Netherlands New Zealand (Aotearoa) Norway Old Style Arpanet Philippines Poland Portugal Romania Saudi Arabia Seychelles Singapore Slovak Republic South Africa Switzerland Taiwan United Kingdom United States US Government US Military

Beyond Anta Update

A huge thank you to everyone who purchased a copy of The Anta Project disc! In addtion to making more discs, those sales have gone directly towards funding the purchase (or is it rental?) of a domain for the construction of a new Web site. Where www.sonicanta.com is a site which will be dedicated to my own sonic explorations, this new site will be a central gathering place for musicians and artists from around the globe to present their interpretations of the borders they live with. Think: Great Wall of China! However, the definition of borders will not be limited solely to walls and fences. A border can be the limitations of gravity or the personal space we maintain between one another. Submissions will also be open to sound, words and images (video and still). More details will be posted as this phase of the project solidifies and becomes reality. If you are a musician/artist interested in learning more about how you can have your work featured on the new site please feel free to contact me directly. Volunteers and new ideas for/about the project are also welcome. I'm always glad for the chance to communicate. Last but not least, very grateful appreciation to Cia Romano and the crew atInterface Guru who have graciously donated time, expertise and services to the next phase. Their ideas and energy have been/will be invaluable in keeping this project rolling.

Tucson Weak-Knees?

Something is happening but you don't know what it is... Okay in response to all of you who asked/emailed wondering why The Anta Project is being covered by national media but has been overlooked by Tucson's mainstream alternative paper, The Tucson Weekly, well, here was the official response from TW Editor-In-Charge Jimmy "The Blog" Boegle: "As for the pitch … I ran it by James Reel – someone you know both ‘cause you’ve written for him and have been written about by him – and I read it several times. While it’s interesting, I have concerns about how this will play out as a text-based article. It’s always a tough thing to discuss music textually, and I really think that the music is going to be the most interesting thing here. Thus, I’ll pass. Best of luck pitching it!" Gee, I wonder what all those music reviewers do? But in more important news: Mittimus on myspace has bestowed a wonderful honor by including my name in a list of giants. Now this kind of thing is what it is really all about... Got to get a disc out to them. Stay tuned and listen deep. The Mittimus Influence List: High on Fire, AC/DC, Fela Kuti, Bon Scott, Jeff Scott Soto, John Coltrane, Dimebag, Frank Zappa, Matthew Shipp, Satan, Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss, Ani Difranco, Mastodon, Primates everywhere, Dio, Sage Francis, Captain & Diet Coke, Jesus, Buddah, Melt Banana, grateful Dead, Goblin Cock, Living Colour, Cows, Shai Hulud, Fremen, Spike Jones, Judas Priest, Primus, Les Claypool, Norah Jones, ZZ Top, Cryptozoology, the BAND Shai Hulud, Freddie Hubbard, Buddy Guy, Melvins, Booze, Clutch, NWA, Gilmore Girls fan fiction, Black Flag, Whitesnake, Fishbone, Napalm Death, Isis, Kiss, Al Green, Kenny Rogers, Mike Keneally, Derek Trucks, the kind, Pelican, Coffee, Sleep, 76% Uncertain, Jewel's Poetry, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Deaver Wallace, Iced Earth, Star Trek, Thin Lizzy, Cyro Baptista, Van Halen, Puffies, Melange, Erin Gray, Glenn Weyant, Boysetsfire, Clutch, Joe McPhee, Paw, Strapping Young Lad, Alpacas, the Shocker, Demons & Wizards, King Crimson, Adrian Belew, Robert Fripp, Steve Vai, Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, Black Sabbath, Kaki King, Leo Kottke, Spank, Charles Bukowski, Fantomas, Iron Maiden, Giant Squid, the Beatles, Vandenberg, Slayer, Star Wars, Rollins Band, Johnny Cash, William Shatner, Captain Whodat, Loudness, Converge, Napalm Death, Wayne Shorter, Motorhead, Mr. Speedo, Neil Young, Hugo Montenegro, Iron Maiden, Neurosis, Cirrosis, Halitosis.

World Wide Ziploc

Many years ago I would covertly leave home recorded cassettes in sealed plastic bags at coffee shops and bus stops for listeners to find. Included with each cassette was a self addressed, stamped postcard. In addition to randomly turning people on to my sonic exploration du jour, it was also a great way to solicit comments, feedback, accusations, exaltations, scorching criticism and occasional kind reviews. I also used the postmarks to judge how far and wide those cassettes would travel. Today www.sonicanta.com is my Ziploc, and distribution is provided via a global bus stop. Better living through new technology I suppose. Anyhow... thought this list of top hit generators for The Anta Project was worth sharing. Play the world... Australia Canada China Chile Cote D'Ivoire Finland Germany Israel Japan Jordan Mexico Netherlands New Zealand (Aotearoa) Old Style Arpanet Poland Portugal Romania Saudi Arabia Seychelles Singapore South Africa Switzerland Taiwan United Kingdom United States US Government US Military

If A Wall Falls In The Forest

some food for thought on the nature sound and music: http://peterwall.blogdns.net/archives/2006/06/charms_to_sooth.html

Morph To A Flame

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch regarding The Anta Project. The support and thoughts meant much. As some of you already know, The Anta Project has begun to morph into something bigger. What will emerge isn't yet known, but if you're interested in participating in a future border percussion project from Tex. to Calif. stay tuned. More news/sounds soon...

Tonight's The Night

The Anta Project should air on NPR tonight. If you miss it, the story will be available at: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5482919 Tune in and listen deep.

Things Are A Foot

If you are on the email list some of this will be redundant so apologies. And if you're not... well what are you waiting for? Very pleased to learn NPR plans to run a story on the project (official date and time will be announced as soon as known). There are also a few stories in progress at national and local publications (more details as they head to press). In the download section gremlins continue to plague the track Transference. Hopefully the problem will be figured out or the track will be expunged. And remember, the complete 60 minute limited edition sonic exploration w/out fades and loads of extras is also available. Drop me an email for details.

Ahh... to hell with Satin. Long live Velvet!

In honor of 06/07/06 lots of stuff uploaded. New tracks and photos galore. More next week. Till then... listen deep.

Hail Satin! Dark Lord of Silky Comfort...

In honor of 06/06/06, The Anta Project uploads have been pushed back until next week. If all goes according to plan (yeah right), the complete project will be uploaded for downloading (roughly five tracks) in addition to loads of photos documenting the recordings on 06/15/06. After that who knows... Stay tuned.

In The Sea Of Key Availble For Download

Tracks from The Anta Project are slated to go up some time next week. Till then In The Sea Of Key has been added in its entirety. The track is from the Seven Transharmonic Explorations In Multitonal Omnivibrationalism: Volume Six release (GET IT ALL HERE ) Enjoy.

SonicAnta Emerges

Today SonicAnta entered a new dimension with the beta-publishing of this Website. While sonicanta.com will be an ever evolving project, the current intent is to provide a vehicle for the presentation and dissemination of aural postcards culled from ongoing sonic explorations in infinite hearing. As the site gains momentum, full recordings for download at no charge will be made available. However, until that time, words will have to suffice. Stay tuned.

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