Songs of the Border on BBC TWO

reginald d hunter glenn weyant

I thought this might be a good time to share details about a new documentary titled Songs of the Border airing on BBC TWO, Saturday, July 14--- and then distributed in various ways everywhere afterwards.

It's hosted by Reginald D. Hunter and features an extensive cast of musicians from both sides of the U.S. / Mexico border encountered on his road-trip from sea to shining sea.

Lyle Lovett, Los Tucanes de Tijuana, Frontera Bugalu, Calexico, Carrie Rodriguez, Asleep at the Wheel, Los Texmaniacs, Eva Ybarra ,Cecy B. and even a border wall session are all in the mix.

You can even catch a fleeting bit of the rig used to amplify the wall at the end of the Nogales clip following the guitar riff from Pink Floyd's The Wall.

While I have not seen Songs of the Border yet, I am fairly confident Reg and his crew got it right.

They strike me as the real deal, looking for the deeper borderland story often overshadowed by the headlines about Trumps' unhinged blather.

Details are below if you are interested in tuning in.

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Link to BBC TWO: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p06bjc1v

Against the backdrop of President Trump's much-trumpeted wall, Reginald D Hunter takes a 2,000-mile road trip along the US-Mexico border to explore how romance and reality play out musically where third-world Mexico meets first-world USA on this broken road to the American dream.

Classic American pop and country portray Mexico as a land of escape and romance, but also of danger - think of Marty Robbins's El Paso, The Drifters' Mexican Divorce or Ry Cooder's Across the Borderline. Against this evocative western soundtrack, Hunter explores the border music as it is today, much of it created by musicians drawn from the 36 million Mexican-Americans who are US citizens. Robin Hood tales of Mexican cartels, South American dance, Tex-Mex accordion, Mexican-American rap, border fence sound art and country music of both Mexican and American flavours shed fascinating insight into the topical issues of immigration, drug smuggling and Mexican-American identity, and throw the western songwriter's dream of Mexico as a place of romance, fun and escape into sharp relief.

Reg's natural empathy and gentle humanity guides on this cinematic journey, featuring Lyle Lovett, Los Tucanes de Tijuana, Frontera Bugalu, Calexico, Carrie Rodriguez, Asleep at the Wheel, Los Texmaniacs, Glenn Weyant, Eva Ybarra and Cecy B.