Ten Years Sounding The Line

Ten Years Sounding The Line


In May 2006, as America was poised to begin blading the desert borderlands to make way for walls, fences and watch towers, I began playing the Southern Arizona / Northern Sonora militarized zone with a cello bow and implements of mass percussion.

Since that time, as America's xenophobia has waxed and waned, I have been steadily performing -- often for an audience of rocks and cactus -- honing my playing techniques and collecting sonic detritus.

Today xenophobia is once again on the rise and into this charged atmosphere I find myself releasing a sonic post card ten years in the making-- A PENULTIMATE COLLECTION OF BORDER WALL MUSIC, FIELD RECORDINGS AND MILITARIZED ZONE EPHEMERA 2006-2016.


Will 2016 become 2006 all over again?

It's up to you and I to decide.

Stay tuned,