Under Tucson Skies Circling

under tucson skies circling


On January 5, 2016 A Plane Circled The City Of Tucson For Approximately Four Hours Filling The Streets Below With A Continuous Doppler Shift Harmonic Drone Of Eb – E – D – C# – C – B – Bb Depending On Where You Listened.

The Plane -- A Cessna T206H Aircraft With Registration Number 51216 -- Belonged To United States Department of Homeland Security Customs And Border Protection.

Curious Why A DHS / CBP Plane Would Circle Tucson For Four Hours And What Sort Of Data Was Being Collected On The Civilian Population, A Freedom Of Information Request Was Filed.

Not Surprisingly The Request Was Denied As There Appeared To Be No Record Of The Records Requested.

However, The Events Did Yield A New Musical Score : Under Tucson Skies Circling

Sound: https://sonicanta.bandcamp.com/album/under-tucson-skies-circling

Vision: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWQ7DCzoapo


under tucson skies circling