Queen Bees And Blue Dots

Queen Bees And Blue Dots - Track A

Queen Bees/Blue Dots and all of the downloads found on this site, are lo-fidelity excerpts from the SonicAnta D-Construction Sound Subscription Series.

For a one time payment of only $50, subscribers to the series receive 10 audio discs over a twelve month period (roughly one a month, sometimes more) featuring hi-fidelity full-length constructions of the excerpts posted, plus material found nowhere else.

Subscribers also receive occasional random bonus material goodies such as additional discs, dvds, paperback books, a semi-regular newsletter (The SonicAnta Trans-Border Flyer), original images and other etcetera and ephemera.

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Queen Bees And Blue Dots - Track B

Queen Bees And Blue Dots - Track D