Toe Jam : 2013-14

.... because 2014 is almost afoot and the door to 2013 is only ajar, sound thoughts are needed to fill the gap...

40+ mph wind gusts passing through a metal chair and recorded with a curiously strong custom mic

wind chair


40+ MPH wind gusts passing through a metal chair and recorded with a curiously strong custom mic.

crank it up

Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders --- built from field recordings made that day others I’d been collecting within the Sonoran Desert.  

This is an excerpt from the greater work expected to be released as a cd later in 2012.

sonoran desert

4/13/12 Tucson Sonic Boom

So I was recording birds today when....

4/13/2012 - DAVIS-MONTHAN AIR FORCE BASE, Ariz.  -- A sonic boom was reported at around 2:45 p.m. today during the Thunder and Lightning Over Arizona 2012 Open House practice. After further investigation it was determined that one of the demonstrations did break the sound barrier causing a sonic boom.

It is uncommon for aircraft to break the sound barrier during a performance and is restricted over populated areas.

Anyone wishing to make a claim due to property damage, please contact the 355th Fighter Wing Claims office at 520-954-0146 or the 355th Fighter Wing Public Affairs office at 520-228-3406. Claims representatives will be sent to assess damage at your convenience. For more information on how to file a claim, please visit the D-M website at www.dm.af.mil.

November Night Sounding

A field recording of Tucson at night on 11/08/11....

4/1/11 Nogales Sounding

A studio manipulated sounding of tracks preformed on 4/1/11 by a contingent of visiting Flagstaff artists utilizing the Nogales Wall (northern side), voice and found sound.






10/24/10 Viola and Gunshot Duet

Someone shooting a gun while I was shooting the shit with a viola. A low recording so you'll want to turn it up...



To The Sea We Shall Go

TO THE SEA WE SHALL GO is a work composed for radio waves, water and viola recorded in one take.


Mice Scuttling

Free improvisation for violin and piano composed by Kestrel (violin) and Glenn (piano) Weyant. Recorded during crazy storms and blue skies.



Phone conversation with FOIA Division Director Dorothy Pullo re: a June 2010 request for all files (sound/word/video) concerning myself/ The Anta Project.

For the full story...CLICK HERE 




Phone conversation with FOIA Analyst for Customs and Border Protection Patrick Howard. re: a June 2010 request for all files (sound/word/video) concerning myself/ The Anta Project.

For the full story... CLICK HERE


The Fleeting Squeak

New work for door squeak composed in real time by Glenn Weyant, Tucson Arizona. Note door instrument changes with the weather. Rare periods of moisture, such as during the monsoon, create wonderful sonic possibilities. 



a passing plane

monsoons tease. planes pass cicadas drone. dogs roam. wind blows. birds do what birds do. on the fly, eye, improvise. recorded in one take. 07/02/10. two sun, arid zone : a


Fool Moon Variations : Take 1

An improvised "in-motion" work for violin, viola, dogs (coughing and barking), birds, planes, performed/recorded in one take as the sun went down and the moon came up by Kestrel Weyant (violin) and Glenn Weyant (viola). Mix Notes: Neither panning nor other effects were used in this recording.


Track Two : The Banned Sessions - Hise and Weyant

From The Vault... Track Two from the 6/10/10 Tucson Sessions now banned in at least three states of mind. Hise on Electric Guitar processed via laptop and enhanced with sound samples. Weyant on Extended Wire Bungee Chair and violin. Hear Now.


Neighbor's D-Construct Their Home

For millions of years there were shallow seas and eventually a desert. Then for the last fifty plus years there was a home. Today there is dusty a lot. Tomorrow something new and and supersized and shiny will arise. The sound of human progress in the desert is destruction. Twas ever thus...


String Strung Strange

A simple improvisation for violin and instrument of original design improvisation loop...


ICE-O-Phone (Segment from: Listening With Asperger's Ears To Tucson)

ICE-O-PHONE is a lo-rez segment from an external/internal recording do out later this month titled: Listening With Asperger's Ears To Tucson.

The ICE-O-PHONE is an invention of original design I use to explore the natural resonance of ice in recording the external audio environment.

The process of the ice reverting to water/gas results in pops, hisses and crackling.

There are also some feedback tones from the high amplification used.

Listening With Asperger's Ears To Tucson will be made available around June 20, 2010 as high quality downloads and limited edition, handcrafted and numbered double disc sets (only twenty copies will be produced).

The full recording utilizes techniques and ideas I've discovered and developed during a lifetime of listening to what is not usually heard.

The raw material for this recording comes from roughly 100 hours of sound gathered in the City of Tucson, Arizona, USA.

An additional 40 plus hours of orchestrating, editing and mixing the sounds culminated in the final recordings.  

For more information about Listening With Asperger's Ears To Tucson, stay tuned or email me directly.


Transfix Segment

Raw track from the 4/2/10 performance at Transfix: Retrospective featuring Logan Phillips on vocals, The Electric Ferris Box and a cast of thousands...



Tucson Dawn Chorus : 4/14/2010

Spring is NOW in Tucson's Urban Sonoran Desert: flowers are wilting, cacti are blooming, bees buzz about with pollen saddle bags, eggs are hatching and being eaten, lizards are scurrying, heat is building.

On this track some of the main solos are by mocking birds, finches, sparrows, pigeons, doves, quail, woodpeckers (banging on wod and metal), flickers, curve billed thrashers, and a cardinal.

Sitting in for this session are a neighbor's air conditioning drones (seems kind of early for air conditioning to me), trains, early morning commuters, wind, leaves.

There is about an hour of sound so turn it up, let it stream and wherever you are will become, sonically at least, Tucson Arizona in the early hours of 4/19/2010.


Ferry To The Other Side And Other Poems

Margaret Randall reads Ferry To The Other Side and other poems accompanied by Glenn Weyant on Nogales Border Wall, Nogales Arizona/Sonora.

Nogales Wall Improvisation 3/14/10

An improvisation by Barbara Byers and Glenn Weyant for the Nogales Wall.

feb 2010 bee swarm tucson az usa weyant sonicanta.com


If bees swarm in the desert and there is no one there to hear, do they make a sound?

Give Me Littering Or Give Me Death



GIVE ME LITTERING OR GIVE ME DEATH  is an immersive sound work for USA v. Daniel Millis, No. 09-10134 court audio, Electric Ferris Box and child-size violin.

The court audio was spliced and looped extensively to replicate the swamp of legal mumbo jumbo that permits building walls and roads in critical border habitat but simultaneously makes examples of American's doing what they do best: Helping people in need, regardless of race, religon or nationality.

Dan is a guy who found the body of a 14-year-old Salvadoran girl named Josseline who was migrating to America through the Southern Arizona, Sonoran desert.

His experiences in the borderlands motivated him to help other migrants from suffering the same fate.

So he started leaving water jugs in the desert.

A short time later, while distributing water jugs along migrant trails near the border, he was stopped by federal authorities and issued a citation.

The ticket was written for "littering."

Learn more about Dan's story.

If You'd Like To Make A Cawl, Please Hang Up

If You'd Like To Make A Cawl  is circa 1991 and culled from an answering machine tape remixed in four tracks on a Tascam Porta-Two Hi-Speed casette recorder. The answering machine remix was layered over a bed of heavilly processed feedback. The work is part of an extensive archive of sound material dating between 1987 and 1999. Expect further releases from the vault as time allows.


Winter Weather Report

Winter Weather Report is circa 1988 and culled from a recording built with three cassette decks, electric guitar, paper, weather band radio, and Radio Shack microphones hung from the window of an apartment on Stegman Parkway in Jersey City. Two individual "tracks" were created by recording two separate works then playing them simultaneously through a stereo receiver and recording the result. This work is part of an extensive archive of sound material dating between 1987 and 1999. Expect further releases from the vault as time allows.


Sonic Walkabout Into Jeph's Set

Towards the end of 2009 I had a chance to conduct a sonic walkabout at Solar Culture prior to Jeph's set. Before leaving I left my recorder running to capture the sound of the space once we left for our walkabout, and then the sound of our return, encountering Jeph's work. My performance was my absence, the vacuum created by leaving and taking the audience with me. Upon our return people were so attuned to intentional listening that an audience member slurping a pomegranate was at times as much the sonic focus of Jeph's set as Jeph himself, for good or ill.


For Tia

For Tia is an improvised song on piano by Kestrel and Glenn Weyant dedicated to/about a dog who loved chasing rabbits.


A Conversation

While setting up for a wall playing session, Border Patrol runs a check on myself and film maker Steve Elkins, and an opportunity to discuss the sonic properties of the Nogales Wall arises.

King David's Wall Duet

Film maker/percussionist/professional gondolier Steve Elkins and myself take a break from filming to play King David's Wall and the desert soil below just West of the Sasabe Port of Entry.


Elk Trax

A short mix of moments in the White Mountains: Elk, ravens, chipmonks, planes, car horn, coyotes, wind, cow, fire, horses and a few fat drops of rain.


Disco Day Of The Dead : 2009 Construction

On November 7 I was honored to set up a sound/vision installation again at the Annual Disco Day Of The Dead.

The gig is an invite only party, in a semi-secret location high in the Tucson Mountains somewhere along the line between National Park and so-called civilization.

The hosts and guests are generous and wonderful, and the space itself is designed for deep listening.

Outside I setup The Electric Ferris Box and created roughly five hours worth of soundscapes. On the wall of the home, visible for miles, we projected silent black and white films and video work by Adam Cooper-Teran.

But equally important, the installation was also influenced by the environmental sounds of crickets, planes, voices, and the party inside. 

Playing in the night, beneath the stars, Tucson spreading like a phosphorous neon fungus across the landscape was mentally expansive. Not to mention the absurd moon which rose bloated and partially complete, lumbering up from behind the Catalina blackness only to melt back into the stars.

As I said it's a fun gig.

I hope you enjoy this construction...


Nogales Film Sounding


A sounding taken from something wonderful in the works. Headphones highly suggested for listening. Stay tuned....


Bandjrone Re-Construction 2-B

Bandjrone is a reconstruction for banjo and weather recorded inside a vehicle.

Tucson Taiko Underpass

Encountered Tucson Taiko Kyokai playing under the Fourth Ave. underpass the other day.

Thunder gods below with trains passing above.

The underpass itself is an example of uninspired utilitarian urban blahness but the acoustics are interesting...

Encountered Tucson Taiko Kyokai playing under the Fourth Ave. underpass the other day.

Thunder gods below with trains passing above.

The underpass itself is an example of uninspired utilitarian urban blahness but the acoustics are interesting...


Trickster At The Door

This time of year I enjoy playing piano with my neighborhood.

In the cool of morning/evening I open the windows and allow the internal and external soundscapes to merge and influence each other.

This recording honors the Sonoran season of open windows with an imrovisational sketch for piano, birds, planes, conversations, cars, wind, dogs, and trains.

It is also the season of the Trickster and hopefully some of that playfulness and exploration is retained as well.

The recording was made in one take without editing by setting up a microphone outside outside the piano location and facing the street.

 trickster at the door

...drone on...

4'33 I-Phone Ringtone and App

Download is free if you listen. Less details at: www.sonicanta.com




jingle bells

In honor of Bob Dylan issuing a Holiday Season album....


In honor of Bob Dylan issuing a Holiday Season album....

passing jet

Shortly after this story ran, Davis Monthan launched a barrage of air traffic over the city. Not sure if it was in response to the NPR story but it sure seemed like it. Air traffic began moments after the story aired (around 8 a.m.) and continued past 11 a.m.

Planes fly over residential areas, schools and parks. Many parents in the flight path teach their children to cover their ears when the planes pass.

Recording is made with a Zoom H2 on the lowest recording setting, handheld out my front door. Any other setting and the plane would have been to loud to record.


if a duck is stepped upon in the forest and there is nobody there to hear

ahhh the things that go wrong (or right?) when field recording....

Fireworks, Tucson, 7/4/9, 11 p.m.

July 4 009:

Sitting on the front stoop, listening and watching, talking about the present color war, beneath moon and clouds, in the shadow of cactus, narrowly awake.


sitting under a tin roof playing with rain

A rare day of Tucson desert rain in May. 

Spent a good part of the day goofing off under a tin roof, accompanying rain and birds on banjo, listening to the day go by.

Percussion was from assorted pots and watering cans arranged here and there.

More details to come. Till then... good listening.

tin rain

The Sound Around You

An improvisation on sound by Kestrel and Glenn Weyant.

Lyrics, vocals and piano: Kestrel Weyant
Piano: Glenn Weyant

For more details visit: www.glennweyant.com

9:30 a.m. 6/26/09 Himmel Park Profile

Spent some time in Himmel Park, Tucson, Arizona and created this audio profile of cicadas, voices, jets, trucks, sirens, passing cars, humming birds, flies, joggers, dogs and doves

Swarm of Killer Bees

I was out for a hike, recording birds and planes and bugs and a trickling desert spring last summer.

Suddenly a swarm of killer bees passed overhead filling the canyon/wash with a powerful buzz.




A silent bell.
For more visit www.glennweyant.com 4/7/09 entry.

Sonoran Sprung Spring

Sonora baits her hooks these days, with orange blossoms and jasmine petals, in morning transitions of twilight, reclaiming the waking city, our collective delusion of immortal permanence, with cool perfumed breath.

In this time of desert spring, the first glow of new day, chasing the darkness from behind the Rincon Mountains, across the celestial dome and into the West, prods into being a chorus birds.

Finches join sparrows join flickers join thrashers join woodpeckers join doves join grackles join starlings join quail join hummingbirds in conversation and song.

The desert has fleeting seasons and there are barren times when the mind wonders about other places to be.

Places with more rain or more snow or more forests or perhaps an ocean stretching as far as the eye can see.

Places of new.

Places of more.

Places of possibility.

But just when those thoughts seem to be taking shape, Sonora reels you back in with her perfect storms of wildflowers, distant mountains and the strangely alluring promise of summer's ego draining oven blast and crystal blue sky.

Firmly hooked now and dragged under grinning, snug in the swirling vortex of early spring, letting go and spinning, another season beginning, a cup of green tea steaming, winter's lingering questions evaporate like water into the waiting day.

Congress Piano Expectations

Visited Hotel Congress to play the wonderfully rickety and out of tune piano they had.

Thought I'd play it but found out from a guy mopping the floor and a woman working the front desk that it had been gone for three years.

Waiting Four Trains

A recording made while waiting for a train: Tucson.

Street Crossing Signals

Street crossing signals in Downtown Tucson on an early Sunday morning.

work 1

an improvised sound work by steev hise and glenn weyant recorded 3/12/09 in tucson.

hise: computer/keyboard

weyant: electric ferris box/ prepared guitar

Trader Joe's Drone

A drone recorded at the Cambell Road Trader Joe's as part of the Tucson Sound Scout Series.
For more details visit: www.glennweyant.com

Sound Scouting: Gem Show 09

A sonic tour of the Tucson Gem Show recorded along the I-10 frontage road.

Visit www.glennweyant.com for more details.

Rain : Ox Mix 4706-4707

This track was created by recording the internaction of a gentle winter rain with various earth-bound objects.

Visit www.glennweyant.com for more details.

Sonoran Desert Occurrence

S.D.O. is a track for wandering built with conventional instuments mostly.

Visit www.glennweyant.com for more details.

El Con Mall 1

A walking sound profile tour of The El Con Mall, Tucson, Arizona.

Visit www.glennweyant.com for more details.

El Con Mall 2

No photos, only listening please.

Visit www.glennweyant.com for more details.

the urge is baked in these

sound for bladder control....



H.R. 2578

With so many questions about the passage of H.R. 2578, I thought I should give Ron Barber's office a call and get the facts for myself.

I was hoping for better for this newly elected Democrat, but from what I can tell,  walls and roads trump endangered species and the USA gets a 100 mile DMZ from sea to shining sea. So much for land of the free, home of the brave....



H.R. 2578